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posted by Fnord666 on Wednesday June 13, @10:43AM   Printer-friendly
from the oops,my-bad dept.

If you're a developer relying on GnuPG, check upstream for an update that plugs an input sanitisation bug.

The short version, given in CVE-2018-12020, is that mainproc.c mishandles the filename, and as a result, an attacker can spoof the output it sends to other programs.

“For example, the OpenPGP data might represent an original filename that contains line feed characters in conjunction with GOODSIG or VALIDSIG status codes”, the Mitre advisory states.

GnuPG maintainer Werner Koch explained in more detail in this advisory.

The ability to include the input file name in a signed/encrypted message is part of the OpenPGP protocol, so he[sic] recipient can see what file is being decrypted. The bug is that the file name included for display doesn't get sanitised.

As a result, an attacker can include commands in a fake filename, because the filename “may include line feeds or other control characters. This can be used inject terminal control sequences into the out and, worse, to fake the so-called status messages”, Koch's note said.

[...] Koch attributed the discovery to Marcus Brinkmann, and Brinkmann had one complaint about how things were handled, as he wrote to the OSS-sec mailing list: "I tried to disclose this responsibly with Werner Koch (and in coordination with other affected projects), but within two hours he did a unilateral full disclosure without getting back to me."

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Reply to: Re:So many ways to use a knife...

    (Score: 3, Funny) by Snow on Wednesday June 13, @10:36PM

    by Snow (1601) Subscriber Badge on Wednesday June 13, @10:36PM (#692578)

    In Alberta, we have fossils. Lots and lots of fossils. Some are dinosaurs, some are trees, and some are just oil. We drilled up the oil, and sold it to America. We dug up the dinosaurs and put them in a museum (a ROYAL museum).

    Some guy (a very smart guy) found a fossil of a snail or something. It was shiny and green, maybe it was red, maybe yellow, I think it was red. He made it into a necklace and sold it -- smart guy. They made some videos showing how shiny and good it was, like a diamond, but it's not a diamond -- it's a really old dead sea snail that someone found in the ground.

    But the tourists! They LOVE it! They love it so much! The hotels, they have a channel (cruise ships have a channel too) and it shows you the ammolite, all day, every day. It shows you the colors and the necklaces. It's an INVESTMENT they tell you (it's not; it's a sea snail). But the tourists! They buy it up! They buy so much of it! They buy the snail-rocks and they think it's like a diamond!

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