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posted by chromas on Wednesday August 01 2018, @01:31PM   Printer-friendly
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Activist publishes 11,000 Wikileaks Twitter direct messages

An activist has published 11,000 direct messages on Twitter between the Wikileaks account and a group of its supporters. The direct messages were published by Emma Best on her own website. Her Twitter account states that she is a journalist on the East Coast. Best has been critical of Wikileaks and has advocated for government transparency. Some of the direct messages were previously published, but this is the first time all of the direct messages have been posted.

The messages show that Wikileaks wanted the GOP to defeat Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential elections. "We believe it would be much better for the GOP to win," the Wikileaks account states to a supporter named "Emmy B" in one of the messages from 2015.

Why would they do that?

Clinton: I don't recall joking about droning Julian Assange


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  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday August 01 2018, @07:03PM (2 children)

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday August 01 2018, @07:03PM (#715855)

    I don't really care if they are. But are you saying that they should not have released the DNC emails, and that The People shouldn't have been informed that the DNC was heavily biased against Bernie, amongst other things? The only tragedy is that the same didn't happen to the RNC, and various other parts of government.

  • (Score: 2) by J053 on Wednesday August 01 2018, @09:08PM (1 child)

    by J053 (3532) <> on Wednesday August 01 2018, @09:08PM (#715908) Homepage
    Well, considering that the DNC emails weren't released until after the primaries were over (and, therefor, the nomination already decided), then it doesn't really matter that "The People:" were informed - by that time, it didn't make any difference in the Democratic Party nominating process. All the release did was to further alienate (some) people from the Democratic nominee and thus (directly or indirectly) help Trump.
    • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday August 01 2018, @11:15PM

      by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday August 01 2018, @11:15PM (#715960)

      So? It's good that it was released at all, regardless of who it may or may not have "helped". I believe people are ultimately responsible for their own votes anyway, regardless of any attempted indirect interference to sway them.