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posted by n1 on Friday July 04 2014, @02:11AM   Printer-friendly
from the certified-misinformation dept.

The young journalists at The Southerner, the student newspaper at Grady High School in Atlanta, Georgia, recently broke the news that creationism and other Christian religious views are incorporated into the Biology curriculum used by the City of Atlanta Public Schools.

A PowerPoint shown to a freshman biology class featured a cartoon depicting dueling castles, one labeled "Creation (Christ)" and the other labeled "Evolution (Satan)." Balloons attached to the evolution castle were labeled euthanasia, homosexuality, pornography, divorce, racism and abortion

The PowerPoint, which has more than 50 slides largely consisting of material about evolution, was downloaded from SharePoint, an APS file-sharing database for teachers. It was uploaded by Mary E. King, a project manager at APS who has also uploaded more than 2,000 other documents. Phone calls and emails to King have not been returned. Tommy Molden, science coordinator for APS, also did not respond to requests for comment.

Students were offended by the cartoon:

"[I] have gay parents, and [the cartoon] said that evolution caused homosexuality and it implied that to be negative, so I was pretty offended by it," [freshman Seraphina Cooley] said.

Cooley said that another student emailed the administration complaining about the PowerPoint.

Freshman Griffin Ricker, who is also in Jones' class, said [Biology class teacher Anquinette Jones] got angry with the class when she found out students had notified the administration.

"She had a 10-minute rant," Ricker said. "She yelled and said, 'This is on the APS website, and it was certified.'"

In case of soylentnewsing, the student reporting is also posted on a local Atlanta newspaper blog.

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  • (Score: 4, Insightful) by TheGratefulNet on Friday July 04 2014, @03:24AM

    by TheGratefulNet (659) on Friday July 04 2014, @03:24AM (#63952)

    I disagree with you. by letting parents enhance the stupidity of their kids - their kids could, in the future, MAKE LAWS that we all have to live under.

    we're seeing it right now. most of the lawmakers are religious nutbags and morans. and we have shitty laws and a near theocracy because of those fuckwads.

    you want the world to make MORE fuckwads? I DON'T!

    its not just them that they ruin; its us.

    so, for our sake, we need to force parents to NOT brainwash their kids with skydaddy fables. we all suffer from the group stupidity.

    "It is now safe to switch off your computer."
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  • (Score: 3, Insightful) by kaszz on Friday July 04 2014, @04:54AM

    by kaszz (4211) on Friday July 04 2014, @04:54AM (#63979) Journal

    One can just have a look at the Middle East what happens. One the same turbulence and barbarism at home? let people brainwash their kids.