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posted by azrael on Tuesday July 08 2014, @02:01AM   Printer-friendly
from the doesn't-constitute-an-endorsement dept.

*Updated: Mr. Guillot AKA yankprintster (4225) responded and is interested in answering some questions. Ask him your questions below in the comments*

B.J. Guillot is one of three candidates currently seeking to represent Washington's 2nd Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. Mr. Guillot is also a reader of SoylentNews. In a recent interview with CoinTelegraph about his enthusiastic support of cryptocurrency, Mr. Guillot was asked "When did you first hear about Bitcoin, and when did you get into it?" He explains that he got turned on to Bitcoin while reading a certain news for nerds site, and then mentions:

Since I have the floor, let me just state for the record, the new Slashdot web design and user experience is really poor. I've since moved on to for my daily science and tech news.

Perhaps Mr. Guillot would be kind enough to answer a few questions about his positions on topics of particular concern to the SN community. I invite him to answer directly in the comments below, or if he would prefer, I will collect and forward the highest-modded comments to Mr. Guillot, and then submit a new story with his responses.

According to his campaign website, Mr. Guillot holds a B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics, and has software development experience.

The Crypto Crimson reports that while many politicians are "quick to jump on the bitcoin bandwagon" following the U.S. Federal Election Commission's recent opinon declaring that political committes may accept contributions in the form of Bitcoin, unlike these other politicians, Mr. Guillot is an active miner who "currently achiev[es] a hashrate of five Terahash per Second - certainly the fastest bitcoin mining politician".

The top item to appear in the "Issues" section of Mr. Guillot's campaign website is "NSA Spying". Mr. Guillot's stated positon on this issue is: "The Federal Government needs to immediately stop its spying and metadata collection of its citizen's phone calls and emails. It's also time to discontinue the Patriot Act. No more extensions!".

On his campaign website, Mr. Guillot also states his positions on: "Internet Freedom", "Patent Reform", "Bitcoin", "National Debt", "FairTax", "Military", "Second Amendment", "Energy", and "Education".

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  • (Score: 1) by lonestar on Tuesday July 08 2014, @10:26PM

    by lonestar (4437) on Tuesday July 08 2014, @10:26PM (#66234)

    Please list your reasons for wanting to impeach Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas. Then if you want me to, I will list a litany of reasons for wanting to impeach the our poor excuse for a president.

  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday July 09 2014, @01:16AM

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday July 09 2014, @01:16AM (#66295)

    Time and again, Scalia and Thomas have had conflicts of interest.
    They don't act the way judges are supposed to. []

    People who call for Obama's impeachment and did NOT call for Dubya's have one reason: Obama's a nigger.
    They won't come right out and say it in so few words (except in their white-hooded meetings), but when all's said and done, it's clear that's their reason.

    -- gewg_

    • (Score: 1) by lonestar on Wednesday July 09 2014, @02:07PM

      by lonestar (4437) on Wednesday July 09 2014, @02:07PM (#66529)

      Thanks for the intellectually devastating counterargument, douchebag.