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posted by mrpg on Saturday October 27 2018, @12:30PM   Printer-friendly
from the two-to-which-power-gives-10? dept.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 packs up to 10GB of RAM and a stunning 93% screen-to-body ratio

Following a tease by the company's president back in August, Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has now officially announced its next all-screen monster handset, the Mi Mix 3.

Boasting a FHD+ AMOLED display with a stunning 93% screen-to-body ratio, the Mi Mix 3 also packs a powerful 2.8GHz Snapdragon 845 processor into its unique frame, along with the option of 6GB, 8GB or a whopping 10GB of RAM.

Those after the 10GB model will have to track down the 'Forbidden City' limited edition, which sports traditional Chinese styling, a 10W wireless Qi charger and a collectible statue.

All of the Mi Mix 3 phones will be exclusive to the Chinese market for now. The 10 GB version is priced at RMB 4,999 ($720).

Xiaomi also announced a gaming phone with up to 10 GB of RAM, the Black Shark Helo.

Also at Ars Technica and The Register.

Previously: Oppo Likely to Release the First Smartphone With 10 GB of RAM

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  • (Score: 2) by rts008 on Sunday October 28 2018, @02:49AM (2 children)

    by rts008 (3001) on Sunday October 28 2018, @02:49AM (#754581)

    LOL, ROFLMAO, and ROFLcopters!

    To each, their own, I guess.

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  • (Score: 2) by takyon on Sunday October 28 2018, @03:59AM

    by takyon (881) <reversethis-{gro ... s} {ta} {noykat}> on Sunday October 28 2018, @03:59AM (#754588) Journal

    Let's critically examine the concept.

    Smartphone gaming is bigger than ever, particularly with new hyped titles like Fortnite [] and TES: Blades []. You see Super Bowl commercials for mobile games these days. The market for smartphones is bigger than the market for gaming PCs or consoles, and you can use one just about anywhere.

    The smartphone hardware is obviously much better than what existed a decade ago. Today's flagship smartphones can rival supercomputers of a certain year, or gaming PCs of a certain year. Apple leads the pack in mobile performance with SoC processors that theoretically blow past older laptop and desktop systems. The Razer gaming phones [] have 120 Hz displays, close to the 144 Hz desktop displays some people use and probably more than enough for most users. Phone resolutions are in the 1080p to 4K range.

    The Black Shark Helo's gamepad attachments and similar products could make the experience much more like a gaming handheld (DS/PSP/Switch) or console controller. You could also slap some emulators on the phone, configure them to work with the gamepads, and get a better experience than before.

    You may also have the option of inserting the phone into a Gear VR or similar headset, and then you have a VR gaming device. Obviously, this has limitations compared to a gaming PC + Rift/Vive/etc., but it is more convenient and untethered. It's likely that most people will end up using VR in a portable, untethered way. Standalone headsets are cheaper and use the same SoCs that smartphones use (except even weaker in most cases). But if you bought an overpriced 10 GB gaming phone and a headset to put it in, you would still be paying less than a gaming PC + Rift/Vive.

    There are going to be additional generations of hardware before the last blood is squeezed from Moore's law. "7nm", "5nm", and probably "3nm". Smartphones are starting to gain tensor/neural network processors, which are basically nowhere to be found on desktops or laptops. Obviously there are some relevant use cases for putting this kind of hardware in a phone, since you can easily point the camera at things. But it shows that in some ways, phones could become a more interesting platform than PCs. Maybe games can make use of this hardware. We could see 2-3x improvements in battery density eventually, which would allow high-end phones to run games for longer on a single charge. Although there are plenty of places where you may have a USB charger or outlet available, such as on an airplane.

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  • (Score: -1) by fakefuck39 on Sunday October 28 2018, @07:43AM

    by fakefuck39 (6620) on Sunday October 28 2018, @07:43AM (#754617)

    Well, I know what 'lol' is. The rest are words normal people don't use, so no need to explain them - I'll just assume they mean "Really ugly dork who feels stressed until he walks back into his house and closes the door."

    To each his own is exactly correct. People often say
    "why not thicker and bigger battery or removable battery" - tiny market. Both my pixel2xl, my nexus6 before that, and my galaxys1 (att captivate) before that have lasted several days on a charge. no games, rooted, unneeded services disabled, host file ad blocker. i read shit like this site while shitting, make calls and do email, text, and run a korean flash card program. 3 days minimum from 100 to 25%.

    "sd card" - first phone had it, stuck one in, never used it. my phone now has 128GB, who gives a fuck

    "no headphone port" - that did piss me off. and then I adapted and found it better. bluetooth is much more convenient, especially while sleeping on a plane which I do a lot. I've used the regular headphones once. usb-c gives me a single charger for phone and laptop. yeah, some people want the headphone port.

    most of the "famous" phones are there to hit the largest target market. and then you got all kinds of weird shit - tiny, large battery, etc, and they sell to their specific small target markets. Like this phone, probably for the few people that want to play hardcore games or run some web server, or whatever on it. So yeah, to each his own. Is a rolfcopter when you throw up into the blades of a spinning fan? Like shit hitting the fan, but from the uphole? Is this site getting some reddit spillover or something with all the dork kid highschool lingo? This is unfortunate. It's always been older people. Dumb older people, losers, but at least not annoying. sad.