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posted by mattie_p on Tuesday February 25 2014, @02:11PM   Printer-friendly
from the games-watch-you! dept.

siliconwafer writes: "An article in The Economist raises some interesting points about addiction to video games, drawing from psychology and sociology to describe why certain people prefer certain types of games, and why they might become addicted to them. It is suggested that to discourage addiction, game designers could have their games recognize addictive behavior and respond to it by encouraging gamers to take breaks. Do game designers have any responsibility to recognize addictive behavior, or does this responsibility fall solely on the gamer (or the gamer's parents in the case of a minor)?"

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    by dotdotdot (858) on Tuesday February 25 2014, @02:51PM (#6633)

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  • (Score: 4, Interesting) by Koen on Tuesday February 25 2014, @03:20PM

    by Koen (427) on Tuesday February 25 2014, @03:20PM (#6654)

    My son goes about it this way: Steam shows how long he has been playing his games. When he is looking for team mates, he tries to get players who spent a lot of time on the game. It is just a measure of experience to him.

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