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posted by martyb on Tuesday November 13 2018, @12:50PM   Printer-friendly
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As the days go by our hard won freedoms and liberty are slowly being eroded. In Europe a crushing blow has been made to freedom of speech with a European Court of Human Rights upholding a conviction for saying that the person known as Muhammad ten centuries ago was technically a paedophile based on information in historical texts. The statement was made in reference to Muhammad's marriage to a six year old child name called Aisha. The court found that “Presenting objects of religious worship in a provocative way capable of hurting the feelings of the followers of that religion could be conceived as a malicious violation of the spirit of tolerance, which was one of the bases of a democratic society.”. In giving its ruling that "Muhammad was not a worthy subject of worship" the court has additionally demonstrated a complete misunderstanding as to the religion involved which worships "Allah", a word meaning 'God', not 'Muhammad' who claimed to be a prophet of this god. Freedom of speech is dying.

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    by Phoenix666 (552) on Thursday November 15 2018, @02:03PM (#762154) Journal

    Ah, it's you, AC. The brave, brave AC who swans in, throws a couple of ad hominem molotovs, and then melts back into the shadows.

    Nope, I'm a real person. Going to meet with my kids' teachers for parent-teacher conferences today in NYC and everything. The things I have written about, which it is rather flattering you remember, are real experiences I have had. It is lamentable that you have not; perhaps you have lived too sheltered a life. Then again, we'd never really know since you're too timid to even make up a moniker to post them under.

    It's also rather ironic, again, that you bang on about facts when you assert, contrary to them, that Phoenix666 is a "fake persona shill" despite my having submitted more stories [] under that handle than anyone else.

    I will grant you, though, that in that you are at least consistent: facts confound you. Reality over-challenges you.

    Shrink back into your safe space and weep that you lack the courage to go out and live life, that others manfully stride into the light of day when you cannot even imagine that anything is real, and scornfully discount anyone who says otherwise.

    Washington DC delenda est.
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