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posted by mrpg on Friday December 21 2018, @11:33AM   Printer-friendly
from the florida-man,-zat-you? dept.

High School Student Injects The Book Of Genesis Into His Body

A student has injected himself with the Book of Genesis and the surah Ar-Ra'd (part of the Qur'an) because he "wondered whether it would be possible".

Adrien Locatelli, a high school student in Grenoble, France, decided to inject himself with several religious texts.

"Recent studies have reported that it is possible to convert any type of information into DNA for the purpose of storage," he wrote, publishing his initial results on the Open Science Framework.

"Since it is possible to convert digital information into DNA, I wondered whether it would be possible to convert a religious text into DNA and to inject it in a living being."

Seems like a good origin story for a religious superhero.

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