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posted by takyon on Saturday January 19 2019, @01:19AM   Printer-friendly
from the ICUP dept.

A Swiss VM hosting provider has a technical blog post about how to kill IPv4 completely on FreeBSD. That is to say, turning it completely off, not just preferring IPv6. They then solicit concrete solutions describing, along with a proof of concept, how to turn IPv4 completely off in other operating systems and allowing them to communicate with IPv6 only.

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  • (Score: 3, Interesting) by TheGratefulNet on Saturday January 19 2019, @03:22PM (1 child)

    by TheGratefulNet (659) on Saturday January 19 2019, @03:22PM (#788651)

    in the US (perhaps its wider than that) there is an expression "leaving money on the table". meaning, if you negotiate a deal, did you get the very best deal you could have gotton, or did you get less than you could have, if you were a more skilled bargainer.

    that says a whole lot about our (US) culture. if you are don't charge your customers for every little thing, you are not 'doing it right'.

    I completely disagree with that, but then again, I'm an engineer and not a businessman. those are the guys who are ruining things, not us. we don't care if we leave a few microfarads on the table, here and there ;)

    "It is now safe to switch off your computer."
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  • (Score: 2) by captain normal on Saturday January 19 2019, @06:30PM

    by captain normal (2205) on Saturday January 19 2019, @06:30PM (#788723)

    There is no "bargaining" with a monopoly, near monopoly nor dictator for that matter.

    "If men were angels, government would not be necessary." James Madison