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posted by martyb on Saturday February 16 2019, @02:08PM   Printer-friendly
from the so-that-means...-we-are-screwed dept.
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  • (Score: 2) by RS3 on Saturday February 16 2019, @05:16PM

    by RS3 (6367) on Saturday February 16 2019, @05:16PM (#802089)

    The OS is supposed to "sandbox" user processes. That's been a big gripe of mine since 1990ish. Even generic Linux kernels don't do it properly, so we have "hypervisors" which are modified Linux kernels. Some hypervisors are forked Linux kernels, or written from scratch. The point is: IMHO ALL OSes should have hypervisor incorporated and hypervisors and OS "virtualization" (VMware, Xen, etc.) shouldn't be needed.

    That said, for a hypervisor, or any software-based memory protection to work, the CPU _HAS_ to honor memory boundaries, regardless of cache or speculative execution.

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