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posted by martyb on Wednesday March 27 2019, @12:28AM   Printer-friendly
from the what's-the-catch? dept.

Apple announces Apple Card credit card

At Apple's "show time" services event today, it announced a new Apple Card credit card, promising to improve things about the credit card experience with simpler applications, no fees, lower interest rates, and better rewards.

To get an Apple Card, users will be able to sign up on their iPhone in the Apple Wallet app and get a digital card that they can use anywhere Apple Pay is accepted "within minutes." Customers will also be able to track purchases, check balances, and see when their bill is due right from the app. There will be a physical titanium card, too, but there's no credit card number, CVV, expiration date, or signature. All of that authorization information is stored directly in the Apple Wallet app.

Apple also says that it'll use machine learning and Apple Maps to label stores that you use in the app, and use that data to track purchases across categories like "food and drink" or "shopping." [...] Like many of Apple's products, privacy is a big push here. "Apple doesn't know what you bought, where you bought it, and how much you paid for it," said Jennifer Bailey, VP of Apple Pay. All of the spending tracking and other information is stored directly on the device, not Apple's servers. The company also promises that "Goldman Sachs will never sell your data to third parties for marketing and advertising."

Other companies have offered 3-4% cash back for certain purchases.

Also at Ars Technica.

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  • (Score: 4, Interesting) by Mykl on Wednesday March 27 2019, @02:40AM (3 children)

    by Mykl (1112) on Wednesday March 27 2019, @02:40AM (#820467)

    This bears further scrutiny, but I note that your citation is an article about the original Apple Pay from 2014. Now they may still be using the same tech, but I will allow for the possibility of a change in their back-end processes. It does seem a strange thing to directly lie about, after all.

    Your point re: protection laws etc remains valid.

    Perhaps the spokesperson was saying that "Apple" doesn't see your transaction details, but perhaps "Apple Payment Administration Corp" does? If so, that's pretty weasely words. More information required.

    In any case, I do believe (based on their track record for privacy to date) that Apple will keep this data private and not sell it to the highest bidder.

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  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday March 27 2019, @07:18AM (2 children)

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday March 27 2019, @07:18AM (#820530)

    This These bears further scrutiny

    FTFY. Love those bears, yeah.

    • (Score: 2) by DannyB on Wednesday March 27 2019, @02:08PM (1 child)

      by DannyB (5839) on Wednesday March 27 2019, @02:08PM (#820642) Journal

      The best way to invite further scrutiny is to bare.

      Every day I think maybe dividing by zero will work this time.
      • (Score: 2) by bob_super on Wednesday March 27 2019, @06:18PM

        by bob_super (1357) on Wednesday March 27 2019, @06:18PM (#820837)

        Does not apply if you're a guy over 300 pounds.
        Noticed and pointed at, but surely not scrutinized by anyone not wearing a uniform.