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posted by takyon on Sunday April 07 2019, @10:12AM   Printer-friendly
from the unwelcome-guest dept.

Looks like Assange may go from the loving arms of the Ecuadorian Embassy to London's finest cell when he is evicted, which is now imminent.

UK police outside Ecuador embassy amid WikiLeaks tweets

Also at The Hill.

Ecuador denies WikiLeaks claim it plans to release Julian Assange

The Ecuadorian government on Friday rejected claims by WikiLeaks that founder Julian Assange would be ousted from his sanctuary at the country's embassy in London "within hours to days."

Ecuador's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement released Friday that the allegation was "an attempt to stain the dignity of the country," according to an NBC News translation. Ecuador "has made significant expenditures to pay for his stay" and has "endured its rudeness," the ministry continued.

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  • (Score: 2) by All Your Lawn Are Belong To Us on Monday April 08 2019, @05:33PM

    by All Your Lawn Are Belong To Us (6553) on Monday April 08 2019, @05:33PM (#826262) Journal

    Or were the tweets by Wikileaks legitimate because high level sources did in fact leak that he was going to be evicted for purposes of system manipulation and neither you nor I can see all the players involved or why such a false flag should be planted at this time. (Other than discrediting Wikileaks and Assange would seem a worthy goal of all the governments concerned).

    As for a thought exercise, let's say that you, AC are orbiting the earth in the International Space Station and the current mission crew takes all the capsules away from you, you have no pressure suit available, and no controls for stationkeeping thrusters. You are free to go where you will, are you not? All you have to do is open the hatch and you can go wherever you like!

    And no, it is pretty well known now [] that the current administration is still out for Assange's blood. Were this not true, all the State, Justice, Defense, and National Security Council need do is put out a joint public statement that there are no warrants for Julian Assange currently under seal and no attempts to extradite for any publicly known actions or actions known to the government of his prior to today are planned. Or Donald Trump could simply follow Ford's example and pre-emptively pardon Assange. Instead, Assange unsurprisingly stays in place in apparently the one place in the world where he can remain relatively free. In an astronaut-y sort of way. Not to mention that there is absolutely no reason the British government cannot look the other way on the bail skip charge. Queen Elizabeth could issue a Royal Prerogative of Mercy for Assange and that would be the end of the bail skip charge, and she could likely make stick that no extradition would occur in any circumstance.

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