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posted by martyb on Wednesday June 12 2019, @10:05PM   Printer-friendly
from the same-old-M$ dept.

Microsoft's tactics against GNU/Linux have not changed much in two decades, they're just framed differently, nowadays the attacks are masqueraded as friendship and proxies are used more than before. So as a fresh look at how these established tactics are used currently to attack Free Software, a guest poster at TechRights has summarized them in a ten-chapter handbook, aptly named A Handbook for Destroying the Free Software Movement. The first two chapters cover what Microsoft is now doing through GitHub, licensing, Azure, Visual Studio, Vista10, and its other components foisted on developers. Other chapters cover manipulation of media coverage, OEM lock-in, use of attack proxies, and software patents. Most of all, these tactics have stayed true to the plans outlined over 20 years ago in the Halloween Documents.

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 01: Know your enemies– Act like a friend
  • Chapter 02: Work with the system– Use OEMs and your legal team
  • Chapter 03: Playing the victim– Show the world that too much freedom hurts development
  • Chapter 04: You get what you pay for– Getting skeptics to work for you
  • Chapter 05: Open Source Judo– How to bribe the moderates to your side
  • Chapter 06: Damning with faint praise– Take the right examples of free software and exploit them for everything
  • Chapter 07: Patent War– Use low-quality patents to prove that all software rips off your company
  • Chapter 08: A foot in the door– how to train sympathetic developers and infiltrate other projects
  • Chapter 09: Ownership through Branding– Change the names, and change the world
  • Chapter 10: Moving forward– Getting the best results from Open source with your monopoly

It's written a bit tongue in cheek from Microsoft's perspective. Some material is drawn from Comes v Microsoft (aka The Iowa Case) and, as mentioned, the leaked internal memos known as the Halloween Documents.

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  • (Score: 1, Funny) by Anonymous Coward on Thursday June 13 2019, @03:14PM (1 child)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday June 13 2019, @03:14PM (#855159)

    The techrights article is describing something known as 'infiltration' and 'subversion' of an organization.

    Besides the halloween articles and mountains of evidence that there is an actual conspiracy(plot, secret plan) to destroy any forms of software that provide actual privacy, freedom and free speech(or gasp anonymity), we have the sn%wden docs and ghcq docs and str*tfor docs that describe how this actually happens. People have sacrificed heavily for these truths, and it wasn't the frickin NYT or m$ or people who are actually being paid to do this.

    Here's how it works, this is fact:

    Find the leaders, isolate the radicals who believes in things like a bill of rights. Ruin their life, ruin their reputation, inhibit their ability to work. This is happening to RMS as we speak. Eliminate the credibility of anyone that is not on your team or manipulatable.

    Infiltrate the organization and crack any consensuses with confusion, drama, chaos, or whatever works. Study the life and work of Jacob Appelba*um. find what the people in the organization need, and become that thing then once you are in, turn everything upside down.

    Capture or degrade anyone with gifted intelligence.

    These are military tactics being used against civilians.

    The primary purpose of the bill of rights and separation of powers and anything we consider a republic or rule of law is to prevent military dictatorship.

    These are all military tactics being used secretly to enable military dictatorship. Done by many individuals who have sworn to protect the constitution on penalty of death and eternal damnation, in violation of the Geneva conventions on the sanctity of civilians in conflict.

    Mozilla is now one a completely subverted organization, which is why they broke all their privacy add ons and are now becoming a cloud browser, making it impossible to avoid your browser being fingerprinted and thus uniquely identifiable to anyone who owns the wires.

    Giving the military the ability to read what you are reading, and thus your mind.

    It is very difficult to resist someone who is trying to rule you if they can read their mind but you can't read theirs.

    If this struggle is lost, you should begin teaching children now NOT to think for themselves, because their very lives will depend on it.

    I am ashamed of The United States of America. Every soldier, policeperson, fbi agent and mercenary contractor should move to China where they belong, because I can promise you none of these people involved in any of these efforts deserve to be counted as citizens of the United States any more than Stalin, Mao or Xi for that matter. People who can claim to be defending freedom and even slightly participate in these efforts have such deep contradictions in their brains that one must wonder if they are a different species.

    You are failures, your lives are meaningless and you defenders of the law have broken it yourselves, so you should arrest yourselves. And harass yourselves and interfere with your own livelihoods. You don't deserve to kiss the shoes of actual americans, you sell out turncoat chumps.

    If you are not angry you are not paying attention. They are erasing our country before our eyes.

    I am in actual physical danger and economic danger for daring to write this.

    And btw, that this falls on someone like me to write, represents a monumental failure of everyone in the world who has more than $500 in their bank account.

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  • (Score: 1, Funny) by Anonymous Coward on Thursday June 13 2019, @05:36PM

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday June 13 2019, @05:36PM (#855211)

    "If this struggle is lost, you should begin teaching children now NOT to think for themselves, because their very lives will depend on it."

    this is exactly what most "parents" (state appointed guardianship privilege) are already doing. they send their kids to state indoctrination centers during the day so they can make fake money to rent more plastic shit they don't need, and then stick them in front of enemy media when they get home and feed them poison that makes them dumber and guarantees they don't live to collect any ssn or retirement benefits. normals are so brainwashed they will want to have you arrested for terrorism if you simply speak the truth and try to wake them up. once enough slaves are brainwashed they will change the laws to allow just that. It's already happening.