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posted by martyb on Thursday July 18 2019, @09:00PM   Printer-friendly
from the my-first-hard-drive-stored-40-MB dept.

Samsung Commences Mass Production of First Ever 12Gb LPDDR5 DRAM for Premium Handsets

After the LPDDR4X standard, Samsung is ready to take mobile computing to the next plateau, as the Korean giant has announced that mass production of the industry's first 12-gigabit (Gb) LPDDR5 mobile DRAM, a component that has been optimized for 5G and AI features for future smartphones.

Additionally, Samsung plans on mass producing 12-gigabyte (GB) LPDDR5 packages later this month, which each package combining eight of the 12Gb chips. This reveals that future premium devices will demand the best when it comes to faster, more efficient memory, and Samsung wants to be ahead of the curve in both supply and demand.

Data rate will be 5,500 MT/s, compared to 4,266 MT/s for LPDDR4X, with up to 30% less power consumption than LPDDR4X. Future LPDDR5 chips could hit 6,400 MT/s.

Samsung plans to start producing 16Gb LPDDR5 chips next year. Smartphones with 16 GB of DRAM are sure to follow.

Samsung press release. Also at AnandTech.

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Samsung Begins Mass Producing 12 GB DRAM Packages for Smartphones

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  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Thursday July 18 2019, @11:03PM (2 children)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday July 18 2019, @11:03PM (#868729)

    Waiting for 16-terabyte LPDDR5, so I can update to Windows 10.

  • (Score: 2) by takyon on Thursday July 18 2019, @11:08PM (1 child)

    by takyon (881) <{takyon} {at} {}> on Thursday July 18 2019, @11:08PM (#868732) Journal

    No need to wait. You can use Windows 10 IoT Core [].

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    • (Score: 2) by DannyB on Friday July 19 2019, @02:28PM

      by DannyB (5839) Subscriber Badge on Friday July 19 2019, @02:28PM (#868969) Journal

      I'm still waiting for Windows XP to finish installing. Then I can install the service packs, up to SP3. The hardware, upgraded to 256 MB memory, may be hopelessly obsolete now, but it's still spinning, and I anticipate the installation will complete any time now.

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