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posted by n1 on Wednesday August 20 2014, @06:17AM   Printer-friendly
from the it's-time-to-grow-up dept.

Jessica Roy reports at NY Magazine that news aggregator Fark has became one of the first original link aggregators to ban misogyny from its community making moderators responsible for ensuring that misogyny doesn't make its way into headlines or comments. Banned headlines include rape jokes, calling women as a group "whores" or "sluts" or similar demeaning terminology, and jokes suggesting that a woman who suffered a crime was somehow asking for it.

There are lots of examples of highly misogynistic language in pop culture, and Fark has used those plenty over the years. From SNL's "Jane, you ignorant slut" to Blazing Saddles' multiple casual references to rape, there are a lot of instances where views are made extreme to parody them. On Fark, we have a tendency to use pop culture references as a type of referential shorthand with one another.

On SNL and in a comedy movie, though, the context is clear. On the Internet, it's impossible to know the difference between a person with hateful views and a person lampooning hateful views to make a point.

According to Roy, Fark's new guidelines are a "refreshing departure from the misguided free speech arguments that sites like Reddit that bend over backwards to defend the handful of misogynist communities that are among its ranks, not to mention the free-floating slut-shaming that snakes its way into regular comment threads."

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  • (Score: 2) by Ryuugami on Wednesday August 20 2014, @03:36PM

    by Ryuugami (2925) on Wednesday August 20 2014, @03:36PM (#83570)

    When I saw that there are a few Hugh Pickens posts on the SN homepage, my first thought was "This guy again?"

    But then I looked to the upper right corner, and saw the "Only 14 submissions in the queue" message.

    When the number of submissions is that low (which is more often than not), you can't be too picky. Maybe if you wrote some good submissions yourself, the number of HP stuff would be lower? Just a thought.

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  • (Score: 3, Interesting) by Lagg on Wednesday August 20 2014, @04:43PM

    by Lagg (105) on Wednesday August 20 2014, @04:43PM (#83596) Homepage Journal

    If you'd have looked at my other posts in this rather small thread instead of pulling that idiotic "send them yourself" card (and I have sent several) you'll note that I actually believe Hugh was within his right for sending it and it was in fact an article appropriate for this site. What you see there was merely my answer to the person complaining about the cross post.

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