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posted by azrael on Saturday August 23 2014, @12:21PM   Printer-friendly
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Sophie Curtis reports at the Telegraph that an ad-free internet would cost each user about £140 ($230) a year – a sum that the vast majority of UK web users say they would never pay. Ebuzzing calculated the average ‘value’ of each web user by dividing the amount of money spent on digital advertising in the UK in 2013 (£6.4 billion) by the number of UK web users (45 million).

However in a survey of more than 1,400 UK consumers, 98 per cent said they would not be willing to pay this amount to browse the internet without advertisements and although most consumers regard ads as a necessary trade-off to keep the internet free, they will go to great lengths to avoid advertising they do not wish to see.

"It’s clear the ad industry has a major role to play in keeping web content free, but we have to respond to what consumers are telling us," says Jeremy Arditi. "We need to get better at engaging, not better at interrupting. That means introducing new formats which consumers find less invasive, more creative ads that are better placed, and giving consumers a degree of choice and control."

The study also looked specifically at the mobile app sector and found that 77 per cent of consumers never upgrade to paid for versions of free mobile apps. "Publishers of mobile apps will remain heavily reliant on in-app advertising to fund their content creation," says Arditi. "That means the same rules apply – they must give consumers ads that offer choice, relevance, entertainment and brevity."

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  • (Score: 5, Insightful) by PizzaRollPlinkett on Saturday August 23 2014, @03:28PM

    by PizzaRollPlinkett (4512) on Saturday August 23 2014, @03:28PM (#84680)

    Imagine an Internet with no ads - you'd get rid of InfoWorld, eHow,, and all the other places that pump out low-quality content. You'd get rid of consumable pop culture entirely. Sounds like paradise to me. Anyone who would pay for that kind of stuff is welcome to do it. I'm not going to.

    And it would encourage decentralized information. Remember Usenet, how if any one node got taken out, the rest still had the postings? Now if Stack Overflow went down, over a decade of centralized programming expertise would be lost instantly.

    And the people who paid their $230 would essentially be paying to be tracked by marketers, and their information aggregated by third parties. That sounds like a loser deal.

    Once again, we have to ask ourselves why the world needs to revolve around junk content and pop culture. Can't we do any better than that?

    (E-mail me if you want a pizza roll!)
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  • (Score: 2) by cykros on Sunday August 24 2014, @09:53PM

    by cykros (989) on Sunday August 24 2014, @09:53PM (#85089)

    Oh, we remember Usenet around here all right. Comp.misc was revived around the same time Soylent was created as one of the havens for refugees from the old site. Afaik, still going active in there.