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posted by Fnord666 on Wednesday February 12 2020, @08:15PM   Printer-friendly
from the making-a-major-mobile-mess dept.

Each year, the GSMA (GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) Association) holds three MWC (Mobile World Congress) events. The next is MWC Barcelona and is scheduled for 24-27 February 2020 in Barcelona, Spain. The next event scheduled for this year is MWC Shanghai 2020, scheduled for 30 June - 2 July 2020 in Shanghai, China. And rounding out 2020 is the last event, MWC Los Angeles, California on 28-30 October 2020.

Since 2011, MWC Barcelona has been known as the GSMA Mobile World Capital. It is the oldest and largest of the MWC series, so some of the largest mobile product announcements occur at this event. The 2018 event attracted attendees around the world. Approximately half of the attendees hold senior positions in their firms. In other words, in the mobile market, MWC Barcelona is a "Really Big Deal."

That was all history. The recent outbreak of the 2019-nCoV Coronovirus has made quite a stir worldwide. Major players in the mobile arena are concerned about sending their representatives to a venue with approximately 100,000 attendees drawn from all around the world.

Major companies in the mobile space have recently announced plans to either skip MWC Barcelona entirely or, in some cases, make presentations remotely. These include: including Intel, TCL, Sony, Amazon, Samsung, Nvidia, Ericsson Vivo, and MediaTek among many others.

[...] It will be "interesting" to see what the follow-on effects will be from the reduced attendance. The June MWC is scheduled for Shanghai (a major city in China - the country that is the apparent source of the 2019-nCov coronoavirus and imposing major quarantines trying to stem its spread). Thus, unless 2019-nCoV is brought under control in record time, things do not look good for those who were diverted from Barcelona to look forward to making up the difference 4 months later. That leaves waiting for MWC LA at the end of October, or making more one-on-one connections to work out buying and selling decisions.

[Editors' Note: The World Health Organisation has formally renamed the virus to COVID-19]

For those who are interested in more details on these vendors plans, here are a baker's dozen links expanding on this:

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  • (Score: 2) by takyon on Thursday February 27 2020, @02:20PM (8 children)

    by takyon (881) <> on Thursday February 27 2020, @02:20PM (#963479) Journal

    One thing I am noticing, that I find odd, do you notice how few new tv series and movies are coming out? There are like no major blockbusters scheduled this year. No game of thrones like things. American video culture is a ghost town of garbage and it has never been this bad.

    I do not consider this to be true at this time (for TV). We are seeing a historic fragmentation of "TV" media as new streaming services like Disney+, AT&T, HBO Max, etc. try to challenge the incumbents Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc. Probably there is a ton of good content that is relatively unknown because it has been lured onto platforms that will inevitably become multi-billion dollar failures [] (Tubi, Vudu, Quibi, WTF?!). Simply because the investors are ready to dump money to even have a small chance of gaining a foothold.

    This is still being called the "New Golden Age of Television" []. Shows like Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, The Expanse, Altered Carbon, etc. were not really being made before the 2000s or 2010s. I mention the latter two because they are pretty good examples of film-level special effects and large per-episode budgets. Obviously, some contrarians on SN will say that all of it is shit and has been shit for years, and they have the right to do so.

    As for blockbuster films, maybe you have something there. I think there is a vacuum being left now that Avengers: Endgame has ended the third phase of the MCU, and people are going to start tuning out of the MCU from now on. Then you have Disney's poor creative decisions that turned Star Wars into a limping failure. I am not yearning for more "blockbusters" anyway, and films like Joker can do plenty with under $100 million (production budget).

    A lot of trumps responses have seemed scripted calculated and nonsensical, or blatantly 'calm down', which is not his usual schtick. On every other topic he says everyone else is a fuckup, but for some reason with coronoa china is doing just the right thing, dont worry, it will all work out.

    He has invested a lot into the relationship with Xi Jinping (which may not be reciprocated but w/e), and as the incumbent he can't easily blame others for mishandling the coronavirus. "The buck stops here" and all that jazz. He was patting himself on the back yesterday for his earlier travel ban, but apparently his control of the situation is weak:

    Trump Was Furious That Passengers With Coronavirus Were Brought Back to U.S. []

    Among the passengers from the Diamond Princess cruise ship who were flown back were 14 American citizens who tested positive for the virus. The move took Mr. Trump by surprise.

    I know that California got a number of infections, and they will probably be a hotbed for various reasons. I think some of the Korean death cultists managed to spread it to the U.S.

    The dropping dead part, I still don't get it. None of the explanations I have read explain how this could even possibly happen.

    Inability to breathe? I saw some of those videos but it's hard to tell what's real.

    So the infection is moving out of China, but there is a long lag time between people getting infected and dropping dead, with asymptomatic spreading. But once they do, we should have more video footage and anecdotes available since there is no Great Firewall in the way. It will become more clear how coronavirus works and how much of a problem it is.

    I don't think there is a working nanoweapon right now. The state of the art appears to be shit. Like you can direct nanoparticles to bump into a few cancer cells with a very strong magnetic field or something. Good luck getting 5G to move nanobots around your circulatory system or whatever. I would like nanobots for medical purposes (you drink it, it fixes problems with cells, and you drink more to replenish the amount as you poop them out over time). I don't see that happening within the next 10 years, even for the elites. It's said that various U.S. agencies have technology not available to the public, but I think that is most true for the NSA which employs many mathematicians. And drones were used to some extent for decades by the military before drone strikes entered the public consciousness.

    And on top of that, there is a good chance everyone in the uigur camps is going to be wiped out as a form of plausibly deniable genocide.

    This is an incredibly obvious conclusion that other people have already mentioned. It seems very plausible that they would do that. Oops, we gathered everyone in the reeducation camp and one of them coughed! We'll have to see how many Uyghurs are standing after the dust settles 0.5-2 years from now.

    2020 not looking very promising unless you are selling bunkers, or already in one.

    The key is to not interact with anybody. Shelter in place, have enough food to last you months, maybe water if you anticipate that services will be cut off. And you have to do this before it's obvious that there a lot of infected in your area. You may have to quit your job to do this.

    Even if you do get it, fatality rate appears to be pretty low, although there are factors that could change that. If it's 3%, is that 3% with you being hooked up to an iron lung to keep you breathing? What about the reinfection problem []?

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  • (Score: 2) by jmichaelhudsondotnet on Friday February 28 2020, @12:07AM (2 children)

    by jmichaelhudsondotnet (8122) on Friday February 28 2020, @12:07AM (#963873) Journal

    Very thorough and informative. just fyi, I am starting to think you might not be a cop, in that case, you have to know, a ton of people here are cops, and they are trying to infiltrate the admin team. Be warned, some admins have not earned my trust.

    It is so nice to have someone actually read what you say instead of just saying you are crazy, so thanks for that.

    So as of today it is in another 20 countries, and it seemed to pop up in the center of iran and italy without any known contact with people who traveled to wuhan.

    I find your nanoparticle analysis comforting but I am not convinced, with every single other thing, they have been way, way ahead of what they reveal to the public. And then once you discover it, for that time there is a gap where ONLY YOUR side has the advantage. So the nano-virus that can be activated and deactivated remotely would be one of those things that, if they put the backdoors in the intel processor, and they did ,they are just evil enough to do.

    And the truth and the solution 99% of the people have is sharing by the 1%, and they would just rather murder 5 billion people. I have seen no moral compulsion behind who is pulling the strings, I think they would actually get off on it. Epstein, yaknow.

    That is why I made this, yesterday, []

    That blob is going to do what it is going to do, for now. And it looks to me like they want to erase history. Because of decopage 1. []

    And like I said before, we will all run to the state to save us, there will be smoke and chaos, and then according to principles of disaster capitalism, they will rebuild the new world, one in which there is built into every single thing, a layer of oligarchic control that may be physically and intellectually impossible to escape for any mere mortal.

    Something like really evil, like erasing good, completely. Yikes. That is who we are dealing with, so whether man made, or not, their pattern is to make their order out of our chaos, and we should be prepared for that, to the extent it makes any difference at all.

    I for one am tired, if so much is not yet clear(lol), of being a predictable blip in their rapey psycho olympics.

    • (Score: 2) by takyon on Sunday March 01 2020, @10:07PM (1 child)

      by takyon (881) <> on Sunday March 01 2020, @10:07PM (#965094) Journal

      I doubt there are any "cops" on staff.

      Also, know that I have posted over 18,000 comments, many before you joined. So if I am compromised, this has been a deep cover assignment.

      Not only is this site too small for anyone to really care, but despite the protests of some, the userbase isn't really that radicalized. This is not a hotbed of white supremacists that infiltrators would just love, and this is not where the FBI would find somebody to set up the bomb so they can boost their "terrorist" catch stats.

      Shockingly, I have only gotten one lame pseudo-threat to my site email account. I don't see any calls for U.S. Head Boi to be killed, I don't see any Really Bad URLs being spammed. Nada. I'm somewhat surprised. Let's hope it stays that way.

      it seemed to pop up in the center of iran and italy without any known contact with people who traveled to wuhan

      I'm not shocked by any particular amount of spread. We are living in a time of continuously rising air travel []. Chinese New Year was in late January so there was a lot of people traveling around for that. South Korea had that weird cult that was proselytizing in Wuhan, and may have tried to spread the coronavirus on purpose. Iran had pilgrims traveling Qom and officials downplaying (and catching) the virus []. Not sure about Italy, but it could have been bad luck.

      Remember that this virus can apparently spread while a person is asymptomatic for up to weeks. So I would not be shocked if as many people that caught swine flu catch this.

      I find your nanoparticle analysis comforting but I am not convinced, with every single other thing, they have been way, way ahead of what they reveal to the public.

      There's no use worrying about something that probably doesn't exist and you can't stop. What should people be doing, putting their own blood under a microscope to look for bots?

      Conventional bioweapons should be more worrisome because the technology needed to make them is becoming pretty accessible to amateur mad scientists. You can download genomes. I may have downloaded the sequence for the coronavirus.

      And like I said before, we will all run to the state to save us, there will be smoke and chaos, and then according to principles of disaster capitalism, they will rebuild the new world, one in which there is built into every single thing, a layer of oligarchic control that may be physically and intellectually impossible to escape for any mere mortal.

      I would be surprised if the virus kills more than 0.5% of the world population, about 40 million or so. Which is a lot, but might not be enough to be a game changer. I could see this affecting travel screening, the U.S. election process (wait in line to catch coronavirus this Coofer Tuesday), and other stuff.

      [SIG] 10/28/2017: Soylent Upgrade v14 []
      • (Score: 2) by jmichaelhudsondotnet on Monday March 09 2020, @02:59PM

        by jmichaelhudsondotnet (8122) on Monday March 09 2020, @02:59PM (#968496) Journal

        You have continually failed to set off my inauthenticity alarm, no easy feat. But not impossible for a cop. One thing I have learned is that infiltrators frequently enjoy their assignments and are assigned to do what they would be doing anyway, even if their work over the long term is degenerative.

        Others though it is exactly the opposite, although they seem to be on better behavior here than other places. The pattern I see, and why even started posting here, is that somehow here, there is a sheriff in town that keeps them in check.

        What I demonstrated over the last year is what happens when you out actual tactics of the surveillance state and undercovers, how they behave when they are trying to slide the topic, discredit someone, and bother them psychologically.

        And how, in general, very little actual discussion such as this takes place here. And how even though I can demonstrate and prove a lot of what I am saying is going on, no one cares to actually try to prove it.

        Truth is dying on planet earth, except for those at the very top of things, who want to know everything.

        You say what can we do? That is the entire purpose of public interest technology, that when someone audits something and finds out it is dangerous, that there exists someone who is not blindly loyal to a government corp or cult who will dare speak the truth.

        And in my plachinko fall through american society bouncing through restaurants, theaters, communities, businesses that are infiltrated by the fbi, I am telling you that the situation is so bad that there is no one left to report even the most obvious anti-constitutional measures, much less actual mind control technology, or the numerous mysterious suicides and deaths of late.

        Much less the source of a virus. More and more the truth doesn't matter, and this is a top down corporate decision made by mass media institutions in which the public isnt even slightly represented.

        Which is why this ICANN meeting is interesting, the public gets to speak, but what teeth do we have? None.

        So a government and corporate steamroller is coming, and any student of history knows to expect nothing but mass human suffering anyway.

        That is why I came here to write, that is why i made my static site, that is why I accept the risk of being followed everywhere(still happening), the alternative is not just not worth fighting for, it is not worth living in.

        The economy is already collapsing. People are burning less oil, which is great, but teh entire dollar is based on the price of oil, and anyone who has not seen this particular economic idiocy coming our way for a long time has probably been watching israeli media, the primary benefactor of the petrodollar. And of course if bernie pulled us troops out of the middle east, the muckymucks would make the dollar worth about as much as the peso overnight. The economy is already hollowed out, already without chinese production the entire thing we consider the internet grinds to a halt.

        Elections, pff, those have already been compromised for years. Too bad no one paid attention to one of my last anon comments before I logged in, check my anon comment June 07 titled, 'how can you stop asking questions' and tell me how it is possible these obvious points were ignored to the point of the iowa debacle and the obvious supertuesday counting errors in favor of biden.

        So there is hopelessness, as we are subjugated beneath either our inferiors or outright evil people. [] white people especially are killing themselves due to the hopelessness and the slavery by other names, as the culture we were raised to participate in ceases to exist. Nameless reddit admins censored this within 30 minutes. Epstein is not allowed to be mentioned in world news anymore, post gets autoremoved, go see.

        We get no knowledge from the government or corporation, we can only wade through lies while states replay the the events of 1987-1941 and gaslight us like they are trying to protect us somehow, when if we get in the way they poison our toothpaste, or come up with the nextgen nano solution, but at that point who cares, human life on planet earth has been enslaved by garbage people who claim their demon-worshipping cult is the only truth.

        Thus, is an appropriate response for anyone who wants to preserve a public voice, and truth in public, at all. And most other responses I see are, well, silly. See newsguard.

  • (Score: 2) by jmichaelhudsondotnet on Saturday February 29 2020, @08:35PM (4 children)

    by jmichaelhudsondotnet (8122) on Saturday February 29 2020, @08:35PM (#964664) Journal

    Tell me if I am the craziest one here, why I was the one who found this for you(and i have trashed 100 videos in the last 3 weeks for being bs): []

    15:00 min

    Few times in my life has my jaw ever dropped like in the movies.

    I wrote my last message before I saw this, mind you.

    • (Score: 2) by takyon on Saturday February 29 2020, @10:36PM (1 child)

      by takyon (881) <> on Saturday February 29 2020, @10:36PM (#964692) Journal

      No Middle East nuclear war has happened. I would not be surprised if Israel attacked Iran to shut down its nuclear weapons program at some point, if the U.S. doesn't, so that is fairly low value prediction. Corona-chan's mortality rate is a far cry from 50%. Ok, he's saying plague + war + infrastructure failure. That might do it. Good thing I picked up 50 lbs of rice.

      Chinese mismanagement of diseases appears to be a recurring theme (see the first SARS []). Maybe bats were peeing in scientists' mouths down in Wuhan. They don't need to be targeted from the outside. I did hear some (joking) chatter about it targeting Asians specifically, but it spread to non-Chinese easily.

      Geophysical event... no Planet X talk please.

      If elites are prepping for some event, good for them, they are just regular preppers with more money. A plan to take out the Chinese makes sense on some levels: China is the only nation other than the U.S. that can claim to have a superpower status, and they have a (seemingly) strong government that has integrated its elites into it and will presumably oppose other elites and try to steamroll the West in a post-apocalyptic scenario. The "Anglo-Saxon" elites mentioned might love it if China were to collapse, especially is S was about to HTF.

      Looks like Bill Ryan's journey continues, so you don't need to just look at 10 year old videos full of copouts: []

      [SIG] 10/28/2017: Soylent Upgrade v14 []
      • (Score: 2) by jmichaelhudsondotnet on Monday March 09 2020, @02:18PM

        by jmichaelhudsondotnet (8122) on Monday March 09 2020, @02:18PM (#968490) Journal

        The video says a short conflict, not full blown out war before the virus.

        The soleimani attack fits exactly what he described.

        I am not saying that I am allegiant or worshipful of mr ryan, just that this is one of the most uncannily correct predictions I have ever heard, and the means by which he heard it lands in the realm of the possible as I see it.

    • (Score: 2) by takyon on Sunday March 01 2020, @09:32PM (1 child)

      by takyon (881) <> on Sunday March 01 2020, @09:32PM (#965088) Journal

      I think some have linked handling of the ACE2 enzyme to racial targeting but given the virus's spread outside of China I doubt it is significant: []

      Named 2019-nCoV by the WHO and SARS-CoV-2 by the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses, this virus is a new human-infecting Betacoronavirus that, based on its genetic proximity to 2 bat-derived SARS-like coronaviruses, likely originated in chrysanthemum bats. The virus uses a densely glycosylated spike (S) protein to enter host cells and binds with high affinity to the angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) receptor in humans in a manner similar to SARS-CoV. However, monoclonal antibodies against the receptor-binding domain of SARS-CoV do not exhibit much binding to SARS-CoV-2, confirming that this is a new virus. The ACE2 enzyme is expressed in type II alveolar cells, and some unconfirmed data suggest that Asian males have a large number of ACE2-expressing cells in the lung, which may partially explain the male predominance of COVID-19. However, other factors such as a higher prevalence of smoking among men in China may explain the difference in the sex distribution of the disease.

      Meanwhile you have that one AC and others saying that smoking helps to prevent you from getting coronavirus.

      Bats peeing in researchers' mouths confirmed?

      [SIG] 10/28/2017: Soylent Upgrade v14 []
      • (Score: 2) by jmichaelhudsondotnet on Monday March 09 2020, @02:35PM

        by jmichaelhudsondotnet (8122) on Monday March 09 2020, @02:35PM (#968493) Journal

        I find the distribution of the virus improbable from any natural person to person transmissions, especially the italy and iranian outbreaks.

        Even if there were a natural outbreak in china and it was not engineered or planned, israel would have jumped at the chance to teleport that virus to iran as soon as possible for the sheer damage+plausible deniability, war by deception plus land, rinse repeat, 'most moral army' etc etc