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posted by Fnord666 on Thursday February 20 2020, @02:21PM   Printer-friendly
from the security-for-sale dept.

$2.07bn? That's one Dell of a deal to offload infosec biz RSA:

Dell Technologies is flogging its infosec business RSA for $2.075bn as it tries to reduce its longstanding debt.

The sale, rubber stamped today, was made to a consortium led by STG Partners, a private equity investor that specialises in tech; Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan Board; and Dutch private equity group, AlpInvest Partners.

RSA helps companies confirm user IDs and manage other digital security risks. It serves 30,000 customers ranging from banks to consumer-goods makers. It also runs security conferences, including one scheduled for this month in San Francisco that IBM dropped out of recently.

"This is the right long-term strategy for Dell, RSA, and our collective customers and partners," said Jeff Clarke, CEO and veep of Dell Technologies. "The transaction will further simplify our business and product portfolio. It also allows Dell Technologies to focus on our strategy to build automated and intelligent security into infrastructure, platforms and devices to keep data safe, protected and resilient."

Dell acquired RSA as part of its whopping $67bn deal to buy storage giant EMC in 2016, one of the largest tech mergers in history. EMC itself bought RSA for $2.1bn in 2006 to shore up its security line.

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    Oh yeah, the single global CA run by RSA...