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posted by n1 on Friday August 29 2014, @08:33PM   Printer-friendly
from the but-not-with-an-uzi dept.

The accidental death of an instructor at an Arizona shooting range, killed while teaching a 9-year-old girl to fire a fully automatic Uzi, has touched off a debate among those who enjoy and teach the use of firearms: What’s the proper way to teach children about guns? The key, is training says gun instructor Butch Jensen. A gun is a tool, and like any tool — be it a circular saw or a kitchen knife — requires proper instruction. “It was clear that she was a beginner, and you don’t start a beginner in that type of firearm,” says Jensen, who watched a widely circulated video of the fatal lesson. “If you want to learn how to run Indy cars, you don’t start at Indy.” Blake Carrington, who serves in the Air Force, has taught his 10-year-old daughter to shoot a .22 rifle. “I personally would never give my child a fully automatic weapon,” says Carrington. “I feel terrible for that little girl having to live with that.”

Shooting instructors said in interviews that in some cases, a 9-year-old may be able to handle an Uzi, even though it has a tricky recoil and can fire hundreds of rounds per minute. The child would have to weigh enough to handle the recoil and have some experience with guns. The parent and instructor would have to jointly determine that the child is mature and skilled enough to operate the firearm safely. Tom, who practiced with an M1 Garand Rifle, says he shoots for sport and to exercise his 2nd Amendment rights. “I don’t think you should keep kids away from firearms. This shouldn’t keep people from taking their kids to the range.” Still, Tom says he could not fathom why adults allowed the 9-year-old girl to shoot an Uzi. “I don’t know what they were thinking. My personal opinion is someone under 15 years of age playing with a submachine weapon is not a good idea.”

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  • (Score: 3, Funny) by Ethanol-fueled on Friday August 29 2014, @09:09PM

    by Ethanol-fueled (2792) on Friday August 29 2014, @09:09PM (#87375) Homepage

    My Lesbian aunt and her female life-partner, both from San Francisco, were watching an opinion about the matter on MSNBC and said, "That's horrible! No kid should shoot until they're sixteen! Or, we should ban all guns, period!"

    I replied, "Just another Darwin award. we're doing the world a favor in letting stupid fucks die."

    They both gasped in horror and then began scissoring on the living room rug when Rachel Maddow came on, then I walked out to the canyon and hunted rabbit and squirrel with my M-240 Bravo and hand grenades.

    Silly liberals.

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  • (Score: 1, Interesting) by Anonymous Coward on Saturday August 30 2014, @03:18AM

    by Anonymous Coward on Saturday August 30 2014, @03:18AM (#87445)

    I'm going to put out my opinion that this story is fabricated.

    • (Score: 4, Funny) by Pseudonymous Coward on Saturday August 30 2014, @09:52AM

      by Pseudonymous Coward (4624) on Saturday August 30 2014, @09:52AM (#87512)

      A liberal muslim homosexual ACLU lawyer professor and abortion doctor was teaching a class on Karl Marx, known atheist

      ”Before the class begins, you must get on your knees and worship Marx and accept that he was the most highly-evolved being the world has ever known, even greater than Jesus Christ!”

      At this moment, a brave, patriotic, pro-life Navy SEAL champion who had served 1500 tours of duty and understood the necessity of war and fully supported all military decision made by the United States stood up and held up a rock.

      ”How old is this rock, pinhead?”

      The arrogant professor smirked quite Jewishly and smugly replied “4.6 billion years, you stupid Christian”

      ”Wrong. It’s been 5,000 years since God created it. If it was 4.6 billion years old and evolution, as you say, is real… then it should be an animal now”

      The professor was visibly shaken, and dropped his chalk and copy of Origin of the Species. He stormed out of the room crying those liberal crocodile tears. The same tears liberals cry for the “poor” (who today live in such luxury that most own refrigerators) when they jealously try to claw justly earned wealth from the deserving job creators. There is no doubt that at this point our professor, DeShawn Washington, wished he had pulled himself up by his bootstraps and become more than a sophist liberal professor. He wished so much that he had a gun to shoot himself from embarrassment, but he himself had petitioned against them!

      The students applauded and all registered Republican that day and accepted Jesus as their lord and savior. An eagle named “Small Government” flew into the room and perched atop the American Flag and shed a tear on the chalk. The pledge of allegiance was read several times, and God himself showed up and enacted a flat tax rate across the country.

      The professor lost his tenure and was fired the next day. He died of the gay plague AIDS and was tossed into the lake of fire for all eternity.

      Semper Fi.
      p.s. close the borders

      • (Score: 4, Funny) by Leebert on Saturday August 30 2014, @11:35AM

        by Leebert (3511) Subscriber Badge on Saturday August 30 2014, @11:35AM (#87530)

        That story CAN'T be true. A Navy SEAL would never say "Semper Fi".

      • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Saturday August 30 2014, @05:51PM

        by Anonymous Coward on Saturday August 30 2014, @05:51PM (#87601)

        Hercules says God is dead! []

      • (Score: 2) by meisterister on Saturday August 30 2014, @06:21PM

        by meisterister (949) on Saturday August 30 2014, @06:21PM (#87613) Journal

        I could swear that I've read this before, but... so... relevant!

        (May or may not have been) Posted from my K6-2, Athlon XP, or Pentium I/II/III.
    • (Score: 2) by BasilBrush on Saturday August 30 2014, @08:26PM

      by BasilBrush (3994) on Saturday August 30 2014, @08:26PM (#87648)

      Ethanol-Fueled is fabricated.

      Hurrah! Quoting works now!
  • (Score: 2) by EvilJim on Wednesday September 17 2014, @05:25AM

    by EvilJim (2501) on Wednesday September 17 2014, @05:25AM (#94398) Journal

    Sir, can I please subscribe to your newsletter, your posts absolutely brighten my day no matter how fabricated some folks believe them to be :)