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posted by martyb on Tuesday March 10 2020, @11:51PM   Printer-friendly
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Open Source Initiative bans co-founder, Eric S Raymond:

Last week, Eric S Raymond (often known as ESR, author of The Cathedral and the Bazaar, and co-founder of the Open Source Intiative) was banned from the Open Source Intiative[sic] (the "OSI").

Specifically, Raymond was banned from the mailing lists used to organize and communicate with the OSI.

For an organization to ban their founder from communicating with the group (such as via a mailing list) is a noteworthy move.

At a time when we have seen other founders (of multiple Free and Open Source related initiatives) pushed out of the organizations they founded (such as with Richard Stallman being compelled to resign from the Free Software Foundation, or the attempts to remove Linus Torvalds from the Linux Kernel – both of which happened within the last year) it seems worth taking a deeper look at what, specifically, is happening with the Open Source Initiative.

I don't wish to tell any of you what you should think about this significant move. As such I will simply provide as much of the relevant information as I can, show the timeline of events, and reach out to all involved parties for their points of view and comments.

The author provides links to — and quotations from — entries on the mailing list supporting this. There is also a conversation the author had with ESR. The full responses he received to his queries are posted, as well.

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  • (Score: 2) by janrinok on Thursday March 12 2020, @10:44AM (5 children)

    by janrinok (52) Subscriber Badge on Thursday March 12 2020, @10:44AM (#970177) Journal

    So I've searched for Uber and Java, and Uber and Javascript but I can find nothing that supports your claim.

    Java was used for the language in which a version of the Uber Ride Hailing app was written ( [] and []) but I haven't found anything relating to the software for a car.

    Javascript is also extensively used by Uber - but again I can find nothing that supports your claim that it was used for a self-driving car ( []

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  • (Score: 2) by barbara hudson on Sunday March 15 2020, @04:11PM (4 children)

    by barbara hudson (6443) <> on Sunday March 15 2020, @04:11PM (#971590) Journal
    Again, not my problem. Does your search engine search the comments on the green site? If not, you;ll have to do it manually - it's (IIRC) in the comments of a story of Uber laying off 1/3 of their "engineers" developing the self-driving car software.
    SoylentNews is social media. Says so right in the slogan. Soylentnews is people, not tech.
    • (Score: 3, Insightful) by janrinok on Monday March 16 2020, @09:10AM (3 children)

      by janrinok (52) Subscriber Badge on Monday March 16 2020, @09:10AM (#971822) Journal

      Most of us left the green site in 2016 - I'm not using my /. account ever again. As an editor it is also advised that I do not do so - I can honestly say that I do not view the site and therefore cannot be accused of copying their stories. Presumably, the discussion on /. was based on a media report. otherwise it has no valid source whatsoever. If that media source cannot now be found then you have failed to convince me that any of that actually happened. Your claim - your proof is required.

      • (Score: 2) by barbara hudson on Tuesday March 17 2020, @10:59PM (2 children)

        by barbara hudson (6443) <> on Tuesday March 17 2020, @10:59PM (#972525) Journal

        Not my problem. I told you where to look, and you refused. So tell me, why should I care? It is NOT MY PROBLEM. And it never was.

        Just like Uber when Uber laid of the second tranche of 1/3 of their engineers. Not my problem. Personally, I hope that exploitative platforms like that DIAF.

        But if it's that important to you, if you're so invested in it, why not write them and ask? Go to the source, janrinok. Go to the source.

        Or get away from the keyboard and see how people would react to you in real life if you demanded citations for everything they said. They would tell you to fuck off.

        Real-world person: "Bananas are on sale!"
        janranok: "Really? Prove it!"
        Real-world person: "Seriously? Not my problem if you don't believe me."
        janranok: "Your claim - your proof is required."
        Real-world person: "Fuck you!"

        That's how the real world works. You're wayyy to invested in online unreality if you can't see/have forgotten it.

        Because, like in the real world, I call bullshit. I told you where to look, you don't want to for your own stupid reasons, that is not my problem, it's yours. Or as Mick Jagger once said, "You Can't Always Get What You Want." Not even by bullying tactics such as you're using.

        SoylentNews is social media. Says so right in the slogan. Soylentnews is people, not tech.
        • (Score: 2) by janrinok on Wednesday March 18 2020, @07:33AM (1 child)

          by janrinok (52) Subscriber Badge on Wednesday March 18 2020, @07:33AM (#972670) Journal

          I'm not bullying anyone - you made a claim that Uber had used javascript when writing the software for a driverless car. You provided nothing to support your claim. Google and DDG both failed to find any sources to support your claim. You believe that a 'claim' made on /. - probably also unsupported by any factual evidence - is sufficient to support your claim.

          I claim that you are bullshitting me - and I have much of your comments in this thread to support my assertion.

          • (Score: 2) by barbara hudson on Wednesday March 18 2020, @11:16AM

            by barbara hudson (6443) <> on Wednesday March 18 2020, @11:16AM (#972708) Journal
            Again, I told you exactly where to look, and you keep throwing up objections because of YOUR preferences/objections, and implying that your inability to find another source is somehow my problem. That's bullying - or more specifically, gaslighting. As I keep saying, Your problem , not mine. I am not under any obligation to prove anything to anyone, including you. Not on the Internet, not in real life. We accept that in real life, but not the internet, because "internet ".

            I don't buy that as an excuse. And I can't help but notice that you make further unsupported assumptions about what you would find if you actually did look it up, without any proof on your part, as a lame attempt to justify not looking there.

            Bit of hypocrisy on your part - you can make all sorts of arguments without proof against going where I found it, and I am supposed to accept them as valid? Why? Because you said so? Prove it, don't just assume it. Hold yourself to the same standard you're holding me to.

            I at least told you where to look. Not my problem you can't find it via a search engine. They don't index everything, or were you assuming they did? Because you're now using the failure to find something via a search engine as "proof " that I'm wrong.

            Again, I don't care if you believe it or not, because it's not my problem. But looking at your arguments, I've got to say your logic is provably flawed.

            Which brings me to the real question - why do you (and others) think you have any right whatsoever to demand that others do the grunt work for something you obviously think is important but that I don't? It's no skin off my nose what you believe, as I have pointed out several times. I have zero skin in the game. What is wrong with you to be so anal-retentive?

            It's like all the people who ridiculed my statement that you could catch coronavirus from packaging, now again proven, with the evening news even warning people. I let it drop after a short discussion because it's not that important whether someone on the internet believes me or not, and now I get to say I told you so. I could have gone digging up studies of previous coronavirus infectious agent lifetimes, and the lifetimes of other pathogens, but it's not my job and frankly , I don't give that much of a damn. I'm willing to let time prove me right, whether it's a few weeks or a few decades. It's just the internet , not real life. In real life, we've been acting on the assumption that packaging and boxes can not be returned by clients because they can be contaminated by COVID19 because it has real-world consequences. Whereas whether you go to slashdot or not is irrelevant to pretty much the whole world.

            SoylentNews is social media. Says so right in the slogan. Soylentnews is people, not tech.