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posted by LaminatorX on Saturday March 01 2014, @12:30PM   Printer-friendly
from the Call-me-once-you've-quantified-'love' dept.

AnonTechie writes:

"Can a Computer Fall in Love if It Doesn't Have a Body? Much has been written about Spike Jonze's Her, the Oscar-nominated tale of love between man and operating system. It's an allegory about relationships in a digital age, a Rorschach test for technology. It's also premised on a particular vision of artificial intelligence as capable of experiencing love.

Poetic license aside, is that really possible ?"

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  • (Score: 2, Insightful) by bd on Saturday March 01 2014, @01:33PM

    by bd (2773) on Saturday March 01 2014, @01:33PM (#9098)

    Sorry, I can't really take this article seriously. Maybe it should not have made it to the front page... just saying. I'm not angry or anything as the general quality of the editing has been very good. In this one case the summary and headline are a blatant copy of the first paragraph and title of the wired article. I hated it when this was done on /., the summary is supposed to summarize the article, the headline should not be "journalistic".

    As to the content of the linked article: "Random scientist asked about whether a movie depicts his field of research in a realistic manner". Answer: "No".

    And now we should discuss whether he is right...

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