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posted by Fnord666 on Wednesday June 03 2020, @07:17PM   Printer-friendly
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How to make the food and water Mars-bound astronauts will need for their mission:

If we ever intend to send crewed missions to deep-space locations, then we need to come up with solutions for keeping the crews supplied. For astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS), who regularly receive resupply missions from Earth, this is not an issue. But for missions traveling to destinations like Mars and beyond, self-sufficiency is the name of the game.

This is the idea behind projects like BIOWYSE and TIME SCALE, which are being developed by the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Space (CIRiS) in Norway. These two systems are all about providing astronauts with a sustainable and renewable supply of drinking water and plant food. In so doing, they address two of the most important needs of humans performing long-duration missions that will take them far from home.

[...] In short, the ISS relies on costly resupply missions to provide 20% of its water and all of its food. But if and when astronauts establish outposts on the moon and Mars, this may not be an option. While sending supplies to the moon can be done in three days, the need to do so regularly will make the cost of sending food and water prohibitive. Meanwhile, it takes eight months for spacecraft to reach Mars, which is totally impractical.

So it is little wonder that the proposed mission architectures for the moon and Mars include in-situ resource utilization (ISRU), in which astronauts will use local resources to be as self-sufficient as possible. Ice on the lunar and Martian surfaces, a prime example, will be harvested to provide drinking and irrigation water. But missions to deep-space locations will not have this option while they are in transit.

[...] Technologies like these will be crucial when it comes time to establish a human presence on the moon, on Mars, and for the sake of deep-space missions. In the coming years, NASA plans to make the long-awaited return to the moon with Project Artemis, which will be the first step in the creation of what they envision as a program for "sustainable lunar exploration."

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  • (Score: 2) by RS3 on Thursday June 04 2020, @10:52PM (1 child)

    by RS3 (6367) on Thursday June 04 2020, @10:52PM (#1003414)

    I once mooned a camera. NOBODY was enlightened. It wasn't a full moon. In fact, pretty much not at all, but the shutterbug got the hint that I didn't want my picture taken.

    I've always liked Egyptian archaeology, art, structures, etc. Roughly 10 years ago a good friend of mine did some work in Tut's tomb. Long story. Basically and very sadly there is a TON of "development" going on in the area, and the new population of course needs running water and wells and are significantly depleting the water tables under the pyramids, tombs, etc. Not intuitively obvious, but there's normally a fair amount of moisture coming up from underground, even in a desert (unless there's no water table, or it's thousands of feet down). Anyway, the ancient artwork, frescos, etc., are crumbling and falling off the walls because of it. Sigh.

    Actually I though you were word playing on "a newbie". Either way, it's catchy.

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  • (Score: 2, Interesting) by anubi on Friday June 05 2020, @01:45AM

    by anubi (2828) on Friday June 05 2020, @01:45AM (#1003494) Journal

    Thanks... That too. A newbie. It kinda fit.

    I'm more a circuit designer, and dabble in most anything, albeit I will chase lots of squirrels up the wrong tree until I get the hang of it.

    Like you, i find studies of the ancients of this area very fascinating. Especially the Sumerians. I am convinced something really big happened with this planet back then, and it's been used and covered up by those seeking leadership over the masses.

    Something to do with stone masonry left as evidence.

    There is a story here worthy of the finest Star Trek.

    I surmise we were seeded. Planted here by some far more technically advanced. And we "lost it", hence my disdain for copyright. Technical knowledge is far too precious to sequester, and rot back to the nothing it came from.

    "Prove all things; hold fast that which is good." [KJV: I Thessalonians 5:21]