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posted by martyb on Wednesday August 19 2020, @10:12AM   Printer-friendly
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Mandatory Socialization: Facebook Accounts To be Required for Oculus Headsets

Signaling the end to any remaining degrees of separation between Facebook and its VR headset division, Oculus, today the social media company announced that it will be further integrating the two services. Coming this fall, the company will begin sunsetting stand-alone Oculus accounts as part of an effort to transition the entire Oculus ecosystem over to Facebook. This will start in October, when all new Oculus accounts and devices will have to sign up for a Facebook account, while support for existing stand-alone accounts will be retired entirely at the start of 2023.

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  • (Score: 2) by Freeman on Wednesday August 19 2020, @04:22PM

    by Freeman (732) on Wednesday August 19 2020, @04:22PM (#1038874) Journal

    Ahhh.., silly me, I was under the impression that this was already mandatory. Apparently, it was more of a, do extra work, so you don't have to use a facebook account sort of thing. Though, the Oculus Quest, requires a mobile device to setup and use. Some "standalone" device, that is.

    But, yeah, I was super excited about Oculus back when they were first getting going, then Facebook acquired them. My excitement for Oculus turned into, appreciation that they got the ball rolling, but thankful that others picked up the ball. I've been enjoying my HTC Vive for a while now. Probably going to see about getting a Valve Index or something at some point, but the 1st gen consumer Vive is "good enough" for now.

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