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posted by LaminatorX on Monday March 03 2014, @11:30AM   Printer-friendly
from the you-don't-get-high-on-your-own-supply dept.

fx_68 writes:

"Despite holding the world's largest natural gas reserves, Iran's Energy Ministry has warned that the Islamic Republic is on course to become the world's largest importer of natural gas by 2025 unless it can rein in rampant domestic demand. Domestic consumption is surging as their gas network grows and more gas is needed to sustain output from aging oilfields."

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  • (Score: 2) by frojack on Monday March 03 2014, @10:47PM

    by frojack (1554) on Monday March 03 2014, @10:47PM (#10300) Journal

    I'm not saying it's not true - switching from gas to oil takes time, and exploiting oil reserves is not exactly an instant process. I'm just saying that it's pretty convenient for Iran to have just discovered an electricity crisis right when that fact would be useful to give it some leverage in international negotiations.

    First, they never did use much gas for Electrical generation. Their tech dates from the 50s and 60s.
    They always used oil, and used it poorly. (13% efficiency).
    Their gas industry looks like it can't keep up but their reserves are hardly tapped out.
    They have simply not developed their gas reserves enough to meet domestic needs, let alone export needs.

    The sanctions over their needlessly secretive nuclear pursuits prevented them from proper build out of modern gas extraction and efficient gas generation plants.

    Iran didn't discover an electrical crises, they suddenly woke up to the fact that the sanctions were hurting them way more than they ever understood. There are some very smart people in Iran, but they are ruled by a religious cabal who basically have a 6th grade education.

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