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posted by mattie_p on Friday February 14 2014, @04:04PM   Printer-friendly
from the free-as-in-speech dept.

cculpepper from the forums writes: "Back in the 1980s, Bell Labs decided to make a successor to UNIX called Plan 9. Plan 9 was primarily developed to be simple and to facilitate an environment for grid computing on geographically separated computers. While Plan 9 was open-sourced in 2000, it was released under the Lucent Public License, which was seen as less than ideal by people in the GNU community. The University of California, Berkley has been recently authorized to release Plan 9 under the GNU Public License version 2, a license shared by the Linux kernel, as well as various other projects."

mechanicjay adds: "Plan 9 remains available under a modified LPL (Lucent Public Licence). What sort of difficulties might be had with a dual-licencing scheme?"

Betteridge would suggest the answer to this question might be "None."

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  • (Score: 1) by yargh on Friday February 14 2014, @08:11PM

    by yargh (48) on Friday February 14 2014, @08:11PM (#94)
    I wonder why they didn't choose GPLv2 and above. Either way, it's a good move on their part, and it will be interesting to see where this is in ten years.