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posted by martyb on Tuesday January 12 2021, @03:39PM   Printer-friendly
from the Crowdsourced-Government dept.

Taiwan has found a way to use a carefully designed social network constructively.
As stated in the Tyee,

Taiwan Is Crowdsourcing an Everybody-Wins Democracy

They had to do something. In 2014,

Opponents to the bill felt not just defeated, but invisible. The government had promised to listen to their concerns, but simply hadn't done so, rushing the bill onto the parliament floor. They had the votes; they could get it through. So that evening, protesters scaled the fence, kicked the door open and streamed onto the floor of Taiwan's parliament, the Legislative Yuan.

Sound familiar from recent history?

Well, the government found a way to listen.

They set up vTaiwan, a social network where prominence is given to posts that further concord instead of discord. And they're using it to craft proposals for legislation. Anyone can contribute.

The article doesn't state how the social network determines which posts promote consensus. I'd like to know.

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    was all ready to upvote this until the second half of your post turned into repeatedly insulting the parent rather than saying anything constructive or useful

    would be great if you turned down this tendency of yours

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    there are two possibilities here. the first is you have an account, and anything that can be downvoted - like your comment here, you post as AC so you save your magic internet points, which you collect because you have nothing else to do with your life. Or you want good karma so you get points to vote politically instead of based on content of comments, for some reason thinking voting does something. All that time you spend counting and manipulating your internet points does nothing - everyone reads at -1 here, since they don't want what they read selected by retards like yourself.

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