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posted by LaminatorX on Monday March 03 2014, @11:00PM   Printer-friendly
from the Java-should-be-open dept.

r00t writes:

"Taking a page out of Lexmark playbook, the Keurig company, famous for it's one-cup coffee making system, now comes with new and improved 100% DRM. Apparently, Keurig is upset over re-usable third-party 'coffee pods' which allow the consumer to escape the Keurig throw-away models which carry a retail price 5% to 25% more. Keurig's CEO, Brian Kelly referred to the move as 'game-changing performance.' Perhaps this will finally be the year of Linux on the Coffe Maker?"

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  • (Score: 1) by MachineShedFred on Tuesday March 04 2014, @08:39PM

    by MachineShedFred (1656) on Tuesday March 04 2014, @08:39PM (#10936)

    Of course, they could skip the bullshit expensive and over-engineered use of RFID and use a damn barcode, which would be insanely cheaper and easier to implement. But, then you can't DRM the living shit out of it. Barcode-programmed coffee data can be read quite easily, and reverse engineered with a bit of time, a stopwatch, and a thermometer.