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posted by janrinok on Monday March 03 2014, @11:59PM   Printer-friendly
from the no-that's-me-over-there dept.

Papas Fritas writes:

"Kyle Vanhemert reports that a group of researchers in Barcelona are using the Oculus Rift headset to let participants experience the creative process through someone else's eyes and in their latest experiment are letting men and women swap bodies. Two subjects are outfitted with headsets connected so that each participant sees a video stream from point-of-view cameras attached to the other person's rig. The participants are instructed to mimic each other's movements, wordlessly dictating the action in tandem like kids playing with a Ouija board. They start out moving their hands around and touching their arms and bellies, but they then shed clothes, graze their own bare skin, and look into their underwear to give their partner a sense of what it's like to look down and see equipment that's not usually there. The effect is profound says Philippe Bertrand. 'Deep inside you know it's not your body, but you feel like it is.' 'The discovery of 'mirror neurons' by Giacomo Rizzolatti has shown us that you can't conceive an 'I' without an 'us,' Bertrand explains. The group calls it 'The Machine To Be Another' and over the last several months, the group has found a diverse group of researchers interested in their 'embodiment experience platform,' from artists to therapists to anthropologists. Their latest project is focused on VR's potential for fields like gender studies and queer theory, but they're already formulating applications from artistic performances to neuro-rehabilitation. Other studies suggest the effectiveness of embodiment for reducing implicit racial bias. The Machine To Be Another 'aims to promote self understanding, empathy and tolerance among users' across the spectrum. It's basically highly conceptual performance art, though we could see the technology being used in educational settings to help broaden discussions on gender, race, disabilities, and aging."

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  • (Score: 1) by cafebabe on Tuesday March 04 2014, @06:50PM

    by cafebabe (894) on Tuesday March 04 2014, @06:50PM (#10856) Journal

    The topic of reclaiming terms was covered tastelessly in Clerks 2 [] (or here []):-

    Randal Graves: Since when is it a crime to say "porch monkey"?
    Becky: Oh, since, I don't know, forever?!
    Randal Graves: Why?
    Dante Hicks: Because porch monkey is a racial slur against black people!
    Randal Graves: No it's not - nigger is.
    Dante Hicks: [horrified] Randal!
    Elias: Did Mr. Randal just call Mr. Dante a nigger?
    Becky: Shut up, Elias!
    Randal Graves: I didn't just call Dante a nigger, I just said that nigger is a racial slur.
    Dante Hicks: So is porch monkey!
    Randal Graves: Oh, it is not! Coon, spook, spade, moolie, jigaboo, nig-nog - those are racial slurs. Porch monkey is not.
    Becky: I'm going to pretend that this conversation didn't happen. Elias, go pick up that fucking mess. [points at Randal] And you are this close to getting shit-canned! Shoot me now! [storms off]
    Dante Hicks: What are you doing? Are you trying to get fired?
    Randal Graves: Since when did porch monkey become a racial slur?
    Dante Hicks: When ignorant racists started using it 100 years ago!
    Randal Graves: Oh, bullshit. My grandmother used to call me a porch monkey all the time when I was a kid because I'd sit on the porch and stare at my neighbors.
    Dante Hicks: Despite the fact that your grandmother used it as a term of endearment for you, it's still a racial slur. It would be like your grandmother calling you a little kike.
    Randal Graves: Oh, it is not. Besides, my grandmother had nothing but the utmost respect for the Jewish community. She used to tell me to be always be nice to the Jewish kids, or they'd put the sheenie curse on me.
    Dante Hicks: WHAT THE FUCK, MAN?!
    Randal Graves: What?
    Dante hicks: Sheenie is a racial slur too!
    Randal Graves: Oh, it is not!
    Dante Hicks: Yes, it is!
    Randal Graves: Well, she never called any Jews sheenies, she just said "sheenie curse" a lot. It was cute.
    Dante Hicks: It wasn't cute, it was racist!
    Randal Graves: I disagree, man. She was just an old-timer. That's the way people talked back then. It didn't mean they were racists. [thinks for a moment] But my grandmother did refer to a broken beer bottle once as a nigger knife.
    [Dante is flabbergasted]
    Randal Graves: You know, come to think of it, my grandmother was kind of a racist.
    Dante Hicks: You think?!
    Randal Graves: Well, I still don't think that porch monkey should be considered a racial term. I've always used it to describe lazy people, not lazy black people. I think if we really tried, we could take back porch monkey and save it.
    Dante Hicks: [fed up] It can't be saved, Randal. The sole purpose for its creation, the only reason it exists in the first place, is to disparage an entire race. And even if it could be saved, you couldn't save it because you're not black!
    Randal Graves: Well, listen to you - telling me I can't do something because of the color of my skin. You're the racist, man!