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posted by LaminatorX on Wednesday October 08 2014, @01:33AM   Printer-friendly
from the needs-a-systemd-port dept.

According to an email sent to the Debian debian-devel-announce mailing list by Adam D. Barratt, the Debian GNU/kFreeBSD port is in grave danger of being dropped from the upcoming Debian 8 "Jessie" release. Debian GNU/kFreeBSD runs the GNU userland tools, the GNU C library and the Debian package set on top of the FreeBSD kernel.

Barratt states:

We remain gravely concerned about the viability of this port. Despite the reduced scope, we feel that the port is not currently of sufficient quality to feature as a fully supported release architecture in Jessie.

We therefore advise the kFreeBSD porters that the port is in danger of being dropped from Jessie, and invite any porters who are able to commit to working on the port in the long term to make themselves known *now*.

We will assess the viability of kFreeBSD in Jessie on or after 1st November, and a yes/no decision will be taken at that time.

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  • (Score: 1, Informative) by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday October 08 2014, @02:57AM

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday October 08 2014, @02:57AM (#103425)

    Systemd is like leprosy. It infects the host, Debian in this case, and slow eats away and irreparably damages it. First Debian's community is disrupted. Then its governance is corrupted. Then its ports, like kFreeBSD, are killed off, one by one. Soon enough Debian's quality and reliability are failing. This drives away the few remaining users. Finally, Debian is nothing but a corpse; a rotting carcass.

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    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday October 08 2014, @08:18AM (#103479)

    I have mod points, but there is no option to mod the parent "poetical" :(