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posted by Fnord666 on Monday June 07 2021, @09:32AM   Printer-friendly
from the cuckoo-watch dept.

Do Wristwatches Get Any Better than a Cuckoo Clock?:

There are few better ways of asserting your independent spirit as a hardware hacker than by creating your own special timepiece. Even more so if the timepiece is a watch, particularly in this era of smartwatches. Few home-made timepieces though have come as near to wristwatch Nirvana as the cuckoo clock wristwatch from [Kiyotaka Akasaka], which we would venture to name as having won wristwatches. Nobody will top this one in the field of home-made clocks!

There is a short (35 second) video of it on YouTube.

What's the most unusual timepiece you've ever seen? Worn? Do you have a favorite?

My favorite is a Seiko Titanium Grand Sport that I bought about 15 years ago. It's not that unusual, but it is amazingly light-weight. It's a little small at 38mm but that size is fine for me.

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  • (Score: 2) by LVDOVICVS on Monday June 07 2021, @03:15PM

    by LVDOVICVS (6131) on Monday June 07 2021, @03:15PM (#1142761)

    The Defakto Eins Inkognito is still my favorite watch (I do own one, but receive no compensation for my esteemed and eloquent endorsement.)

    On its face it has only one hand, no numbers, and no branding. It has a pretty basic Swiss, self-winding movement. I only wear it occasionally because I don't normally pay that much for watches.

    As for telling time with a watch that only indicates the quarter hours, I find that's more than accurate enough for the majority of my daily needs. I find it interesting that despite the high accuracy of modern clocks, I seldom need to know the time so precisely. []

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