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posted by janrinok on Monday June 07, @04:05PM   Printer-friendly
from the so-they-say dept.

Microsoft Teams calls are getting end-to-end encryption in July:

Microsoft Teams is getting better security and privacy next month with the addition of end-to-end encrypted 1:1 voice calls.

While Microsoft Teams already encrypts data at rest and in transit, it allows administrators to configure automatic recording and transcription of voice calls.

Due to this, Microsoft Teams calls are not suitable for sharing very sensitive information that should remain private between two individuals.

Starting in July, Microsoft Teams is getting end-to-end encryption for 1:1 VoIP calls so that their discussions remain entirely private.

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  • (Score: 2) by turgid on Monday June 07, @06:02PM (2 children)

    by turgid (4318) Subscriber Badge on Monday June 07, @06:02PM (#1142827) Journal

    Don't worry, I'm sure the FBI, CIA, NSA and NRO will have no trouble at all.

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    by Anonymous Coward on Monday June 07, @06:51PM (#1142848)

    And your manager.
    And HR.
    And the corporate lawyers.

    After all, they paid for the enterprise support