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posted by LaminatorX on Wednesday March 05 2014, @11:00AM   Printer-friendly
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AnonTechie writes:

First Stop: Skyshield ... Next Stop: Skynet"

From an article in Wired:

Israel is finally ready to combat shoulder-launched missiles and they're going to do it with lasers. Israel's Ministry of Defense announced Wednesday that SkyShield, developed by Israeli defense contractor Elbit Systems, had successfully completed testing and is certified for commercial use to combat the threat of man-portable surface-to-air missile systems (MANPADS) by combining advanced laser detection and disruption technologies.

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  • (Score: 0) by Yog-Yogguth on Thursday March 06 2014, @02:57AM

    by Yog-Yogguth (1862) Subscriber Badge on Thursday March 06 2014, @02:57AM (#11687) Journal

    Wow that was a much larger number than I was aware of. I obviously can't mod you up but thank you!

    I completely agree it's a rather limited and fairly unusual danger. However I would not be surprised if it might explain what some "kids with beards" are playing when aiming green lasers at aircraft (and occasionally other targets).

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