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posted by janrinok on Wednesday November 24, @04:16AM   Printer-friendly
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PHP Foundation Announced

The PHP Foundation has been announced as an entity for funding the work of developing the PHP language.

For more information regarding the structure and purpose of the foundation, please check out the blog post at:

This seems to be sparked by Nikita Popov, one of the main contributers to the language, switching focus to LLVM:

Nikita is leaving JetBrains as of December 1 and will spend significantly less time on PHP. As sad as it is to see him go, we congratulate Nikita and wish him every success in his new journey!

[...] In May 2021, right after Joe Watkins published his Avoiding Busses blog post, we started discussing the idea of a PHP Foundation. It's not something new and has been floating around for a long time.

[...] We were proceeding rather leisurely, thinking that the problem was not critical. However, Nikita's decision forced us to intensify our work on the foundation.

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  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Thursday November 25, @08:02AM

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday November 25, @08:02AM (#1199478)

    That is just how the reference implementation used to work. Zend would compile the files into VM opcodes. By default PHP would check each file on access to see if the opcode cache was still fresh and compile as needed, but you could compile them ahead of time and usually with higher optimization settings. Current versions for PHP8 use a JIT technique for much faster results on long-running programs.

    FWIW, swoole is an async framework written in PHP and roadrunner is, or was the last time I looked, a PHP to golang bridge. Also OpenBSD's httpd isn't as flexible as nginx and while it might work well in the cases it is designed for, if you get outside of that you are either out of luck or pay the price in performance.