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posted by martyb on Tuesday January 11, @01:48AM   Printer-friendly
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SonicWall: Y2K22 bug hits Email Security, firewall products:

SonicWall has confirmed today that some of its Email Security and firewall products have been hit by the Y2K22 bug, causing message log updates and junk box failures starting with January 1st, 2022.

The company says that email users and administrators will no longer be able to access the junk box or un-junk newly received emails on affected systems.

They will also no longer be able to trace incoming/outgoing emails using the message logs because they're no longer updated.

On January 2nd, SonicWall deployed updates to North American and European instances of Hosted Email Security, the company's cloud email security service.

It also released fixes for its on-premises Email Security Appliance (ES 10.0.15) and customers using firewalls with the Anti-Spam Junk Store functionality toggled on (Junk Store 7.6.9).

To upgrade to the latest Junk Store version, admins have to download and deploy the Junk Store 7.6.9 installer "posted under SonicOS 6.5.x firmware in MySonicWall downloads section for TZ, NSA, and SOHO platforms" (SonicOS 7.x is not impacted).

The same bug hit Microsoft and Honda

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