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posted by janrinok on Wednesday January 12, @08:17PM   Printer-friendly

Panasonic is introducing an optional four-day work week:

Panasonic is reportedly introducing an optional four-day work week for employees, allowing its workers to spend less time working and more time actually enjoying being alive. It's one more small push toward a better world where shorter working weeks are the norm.

Announced during an investor briefing on Friday, Panasonic will offer its workers a third day off per week, with Panasonic CEO Kusumi Yuki noting they may opt to further their studies, volunteer, or even work a side job. Last year, Japan's annual economic policy guidelines revealed the country would encourage employers to adopt four-day work weeks.

"We must support the wellbeing of our employees," said Kusumi, as reported by Nikkei Asia.

Hoping to facilitate better work-life balance in its workforce, the electronics manufacturer is also increasing flexibility by allowing more employees to work from home, and giving them the freedom to turn down job transfers that require them to move. It isn't clear whether these new policies will apply to all employees globally, nor whether hours or compensation will be adjusted to offset workers' reduced days.

Would you prefer a 4 day working week?

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  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Thursday January 13, @01:30AM

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday January 13, @01:30AM (#1212271)

    Yeah, there's not really enough detail here to say how they're actually doing it. Four 8 hour days would be great, but they'd probably demand a 20% pay cut. I've worked as a NOC monkey, and had a couple odd shifts. 5th was three twelve hour night shifts, and 4th was two eight hour and two twelve hour (the latter on the weekend) day shifts. Having an extra day off, especially during the week, is really helpful, since you can go do things at shops when they aren't super busy. Those twelve hour shifts can be killer though, even when you're just monitoring things. If you're doing serious intellectual work I can't see that being a good deal. Even the usual eight hour shift has a lot of non-productive time in it.