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posted by martyb on Thursday January 20, @08:32PM   Printer-friendly
from the fine-art dept.

AI turned a Rembrandt masterpiece into 5.6 terabytes of data:

A high-resolution image of Rembrandt's Nightwatch is now online. 717 gigapixels (yes, giga) to a claimed resolution of .0005-millimeters.

Last week the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam posted an AI-constructed, ultra-high-res image of "The Night Watch" by Rembrandt. The original piece is nearly 15 feet long and more than 12 feet high and has been under intensive restoration since the early 1900s.

They've actually reconstructed some parts that had been destroyed over the ages, based on historical records.

Is a pixel size finer than the hairs on Rembrandt's brush enough detail for you?

(2020-05-23) Revelations About Rembrandt's Masterpiece Captured on Camera

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    by Anonymous Coward on Friday January 21, @03:51PM (#1214514)

    i agree.
    however i suspect that some NFT like technology is involved in teleportation.
    it might be that teleportation is super simple and the hard part is really finding a NFT creation technic that the greater universe excepts.
    once you have a object NFT-fied, move it to a new place, the re-materilisation of the object might be as simple as asking the universe to confirm the NFT status of the data and ... *poof*, the universe noded?