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posted by LaminatorX on Thursday March 06 2014, @12:20PM   Printer-friendly
from the satisying-clackity-clack dept.
An anonymous coward writes "Anyone know of good affordable keyboards that are low latency (preferably backed by actual stats)? Low latency is not the same as polling rate.

I had an old keyboard that was high latency (added about 30-50ms more latency when compared to a "gaming" mouse I had!) so I bought a low end "gaming" keyboard[1] which is lower latency but the keys "stick" sometimes (e.g. the system thinks keys are still being held down even though they aren't have to press the offending keys again to unstick them). I don't want to buy an expensive keyboard and find the latency to not be really much better or even worse[2]. And yes 30-50ms can be a noticeable and significant difference in games (2-3 frames).

I've done those reaction time test stuff and I get about 150-170ms using my "fastest" mouse (I have two), 170-190 with my new keyboard and 200+ms with my old keyboard. I see many people get 200+ ( see: ). At work on my employer's macbook pro I get 220+ms. So it's likely that high latency mice/keyboards[2] and screens[3] are too common. And you can appear to have 50-80ms faster reflexes just by having better equipment.

[1] an A4Tech G800V keyboard, based on one of the few less useless responses from the Other Site when I asked a similar question. Maybe it's faulty but it's going to be hard to prove since it's intermittent. FWIW I got it for half the newegg price and the place I bought it from doesn't sell A4tech mice or keyboards anymore.

[2] l

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  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Thursday March 06 2014, @07:45PM

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday March 06 2014, @07:45PM (#12153)

    If you have different devices you can test it out for yourself. For example, try the reaction time tests with a macbook pro or similar (with slow IPS screen) try it with mouse, try it with keyboard and try with touchpad. Then attach a CRT to the macbook and try with a decent gaming mouse. For me there's a difference.

    PS/2 devices can also be slow (you can take my word or see the links in the submission e.g. [] ).

    Anyone who doesn't think 50ms makes a difference hasn't played Streetfighter or one of those twitch FPS at a high level. At high levels even 16ms makes a difference. You still need skill of course.

    If anyone wants more useless bullshit they can revisit the first keyboard latency article on slashdot (this is a follow up after all). I don't recommend it though - you might hit Beta ;).