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posted by janrinok on Wednesday May 11, @04:46AM   Printer-friendly
from the about-face dept.

Facial recognition startup Clearview AI has agreed to restrict the use of its massive collection of face images to settle allegations that it collected people's photos without their consent:

The company in a legal filing Monday agreed to permanently stop selling access to its face database to private businesses or individuals around the U.S., putting a limit on what it can do with its ever-growing trove of billions of images pulled from social media and elsewhere on the internet.

The settlement — which must be approved by a county judge in Chicago — will end a 2-year-old lawsuit brought by the American Civil Liberties Union and other groups over alleged violations of an Illinois digital privacy law. The company still faces a separate privacy case before a federal judge in Illinois.

Clearview is also agreeing to stop making its database available to Illinois state government and local police departments for five years. The New York-based company will continue offering its services to federal agencies, such as U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and to other law enforcement agencies and government contractors outside of Illinois.

[...] The settlement document says Clearview continues to deny and dispute the claims brought by the ACLU and other plaintiffs. But even before Monday's settlement, the case has been curtailing some of the company's controversial business practices.

Also at The Guardian, CNN, TechCrunch, ACLU.

Why Facial Recognition Technology Has an Uncertain Future with Small Business

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  • (Score: 4, Interesting) by inertnet on Wednesday May 11, @08:07AM

    by inertnet (4071) Subscriber Badge on Wednesday May 11, @08:07AM (#1244011)

    If I wanted to forbid them using images of me, I'd have to send them my picture. How crazy is that?

    I know that there are a lot of people that would do anything to become famous, but you have to realize that there are also people who are doing the opposite: who're doing their best _not_ to get famous. For me personally there's a chance of this happening sometime in the coming year, as soon as a project I've been working on for 9 years is finished and publicized (nothing to do with tech). It bothers me to know that random people would be able to recognize me, or could even locate me if they wanted to. In due time I'll explain to y'all why this even matters more for this particular project. There will be public exposure, but that will be handled by someone who doesn't mind that.

    But even without those circumstances I think this kind of tech will not benefit humanity. Before the internet this was unthinkable and nothing to worry about, but now we have examples of nations using facial recognition for behavioral adjustment. To me it's a limitation of a freedom that humanity has always had before.

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