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posted by janrinok on Thursday March 06 2014, @05:16PM   Printer-friendly
from the How-do-I-feel? dept.

Papas Fritas writes:

"Elizabeth Howell reports at that a Canadian team exploring Antarctica this month is testing Astroskin, a garment that fits over a person's upper body and is embedded with wireless sensors. The eight crew members of the the XPAntarctik expedition, who have vowed to use no motorized vehicles during their trek, are spending 45 days in a previously unexplored region of the continent and beaming their medical information back to the University of Quebec at Montreal while wearing Astroskin. Doctors can see each explorers' vital signs, including blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, breathing rate, and skin temperature, as well as how well the they are sleeping and how they are moving. "The great thing about this technology is since it's wireless, it can be monitored at a distance," says CSA chief medical officer Raffi Kuyumijian. "People who live in remote communities, for example, will have an easy access to a doctor. They can have these shirts on them all the time. It can trigger alarms if something wrong is happening, and alert the doctors following at a distance." The Canadian team has not indicated when Astroskin could fly in space, but says it could be used on the International Space Station during future missions."

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    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday March 06 2014, @05:44PM (#12074)

    During EVAs they wear a space suit which I guess already does all that monitoring. But then, I don't see why a space suit could not be equipped to communicate with the shirt.