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  • (Score: 3, Insightful) by Runaway1956 on Saturday July 02 2022, @06:13PM

    by Runaway1956 (2926) Subscriber Badge on Saturday July 02 2022, @06:13PM (#1257596) Journal

    Oh, do tell. Please cite when and where I have complained about the authority of the three branches of government. You know, legislative, executive, and judicial branches.

    I have often complained about the legislature not doing their jobs. Immigration, and abortion, along with a myriad of other issues that they simply fail to address.

    I have also complained about the executive being given more and more power with the war powers acts. Again, that has been done because the legislative refuses to do their jobs. It's far easier to allow the president to go ahead and do stuff, than it is for the legislators to sit down, and hammer out laws and policies. It's a win-win for them. If the president does what they like, they can take credit for allowing him to do it. If they don't like what the president is doing, they can shrug off responsibility, and use the president as a scapegoat.

    You've almost certainly heard me complain about activist judges. However, in these recent cases, the activists have been outnumbered by constitutionalists. That is, with Roe and Bruen, the prevailing opinion upholds exactly what the constitution says, not what a bunch of people wish it said.

    The Supreme Court has used it's proper authority to rectify a previous Supreme Court's improper application of authority, in one case. In the other case, the Supreme Court has used it's proper authority to strike down an unconstitutional law.

    It's all about the constitution. Either we follow it, or we scrap it.

    I vote we follow the constitution. I insist on it. At such time as a constitutional convention is called, and the constitution is changed, lawfully, then we can discuss that isssue.

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