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posted by LaminatorX on Saturday December 06 2014, @12:21PM   Printer-friendly
from the changing-of-the-guard dept.

In the dying hours of 3rd Dec (UTC) into the early hours of 4th Dec something significant occurred in the vicinity of the SoylentNews PBC boardroom. One witness is reported to have said "it was as though a light zephyr appeared unexpectedly, brushed by a pile of watermelons before shooting up into the sky as a vivid light", this has not been confirmed as an accurate portrayal of events and quite honestly we're not sure they weren't just making it up.

Moving to a more formal note. The timeline above is correct. In what seemed like a few brief moments of discussion and accord, NCommander stepped out of the position of CEO and yours truly (juggs) stepped in as interim CEO.

To quickly dispel any doubts or concerns, this was not some hostile power play within the board, more an amicable and pragmatic changing of the guard. It was notably lacking in any form of drama whatsoever.

Firstly, I'd like to thank NCommander for bringing us to where we are today - a thriving, growing community with a stable foundation from which to grow and many tomes of vision for what the road ahead may lead us on to build. I'm sure I'm not alone in hoping he sticks around and makes a reprise - I have a strong feeling he will.

As much as I'd like to mark my entrance with some grand vision - in the very short term I'll have to mostly concentrate on some very mundane but very necessary corporation affairs.

Longer term, I have a few nascent ideas in the back of my mind that need kicking into shape - but given the whole transition was out of the blue, I'm more at the sort the desk out and find the nearest coffee dispensary stage than the grand visionary stage. I do however fully intend to revisit NCommander's SN vision statements and go from there as an immediate starting point at the very least.

Feel free to use the Comments for questions, concerns or suggestions, I'll be sure to reply.


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  • (Score: 1) by gishzida on Tuesday December 09 2014, @01:34PM

    by gishzida (2870) on Tuesday December 09 2014, @01:34PM (#124160) Journal

    I think that MartyB bought up a bunch of those names prior to the "Great Vote". I suspect you have him to thank for that re-direct.

    As the guy that suggested both "apt-get-news" and "sudonews" I was a bit taken aback at the way the voting process was handled... but on the other hand I don't really care what this place is called. I don't recall ever seeing an actual tally of the "member" and "staff votes" but given that the voting process was the way it was with the staff vote actually having more weight than the member vote (If the staff of WalMart had a vote in the name of the store, would it be named WalMart? Or would it be named "something else"). Looking back it appears to me the "public vote" was nothing more than an empty exercise just for show...]. Who knows how the ballot box was stuffed or who stuffed it -- not that that matters much to me.... While the method used to select the "final name" shows a little lack of transparency the truth is the world isn't really a transparent place is it? If it were, our civilization's barbarian / vigilante urges would have burned it down long ago. In fact for all I know the reasons those domain names were bought up was to prevent name competition [i.e. to prevent some one taking a name that lost and using it to build a site that buries this one...]

    I've pretty much gone silent here due to the moderation system abuses by anonymous moderators that use down mods as a method to suppress opinions they'd rather not hear, and some "anonymous" anti-semitic comments it became obvious that the commentary was building up to a fecal crescendo. After a bit of bru-ha-ha over the abuses of anonymous posting and anonymous moderation, I have "shut the f+++ up". I've paid my subscription and I rarely say anything to feed the fecal commentary.