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posted by hubie on Thursday November 24, @02:44AM   Printer-friendly
from the do-as-I-say-and-not-as-I-do dept.

PornHub's Sister Company Tops Google's Chart of Top DMCA Notice Senders:

MindGeek is the owner of popular adult sites including PornHub, YouPorn, and Redtube. While these services had issues with rightsholders in the past, their parent company transformed itself into one of the largest online copyright enforcers. MindGeek subsidiary MG Premium is currently listed as the most prolific sender of DMCA notices to Google, with well over 121 million complaints this year alone.

[...] With help from user-uploaded videos, the company created massive databases of adult entertainment, much to the frustration of incumbent adult industry companies that often found pirated copies of their content on the site.

This bold business model paid off with billions of visits that provided a sizable revenue stream through sites such as Pornhub, YouPorn, Redtube, Tube8, Xtube, and dozens of others. And as MindGeek's stature rose, it also transformed into a major rightsholder itself.

[...] At the time of writing, MG Premium is the most prolific sender of DMCA notices to Google, according to the search giant's transparency report. Since January this year, the adult company asked the search engine to remove more than 121 million allegedly infringing URLs.

MindGeek's subsidiary officially began sending takedown notices in 2014 and since then has submitted well over half a billion links; 561,222,215 to be precise.

These numbers make MG Premium the copyright holder behind most DMCA notices to Google overall. The company reported nearly twice as many notices as the runner-up, anime publisher Viz Media. Music Group BPI reported slightly more URLs but it represents multiple rightsholders.

[...] All in all, it's intriguing to see how MindGeek managed to transform itself from a company that was scolded for copyright infringement to one that protects (its own) copyrights at all costs.

Over a million complaints filed a month, and Google's need to respond to them, makes this an interesting AI problem. Perhaps content creators will come up with an AI to file automatic disputes. [hubie]

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  • (Score: 4, Interesting) by looorg on Thursday November 24, @01:23PM

    by looorg (578) on Thursday November 24, @01:23PM (#1281462)

    MindGeek also received DMCA notices for its own platforms.

    You know you are to big when you can't even trust your own platform and have to report yourself. That said it was most likely, as noted in the article, user uploaded content. Still weird that users have to upload your content to your service or perhaps this was other companies content to your service. That said isn't that how they built all the various xrated tubes? Mostly pirated professional content that people shared, sort of how similar services did it. Then once larger enough they try to crack down on such things and problems while also pretending they never existed or how they actually created their service in the first place.

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