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  • (Score: 2) by kazzie on Sunday December 18 2022, @12:03PM (2 children)

    by kazzie (5309) Subscriber Badge on Sunday December 18 2022, @12:03PM (#1282990)

    An interesting (and surprising) breakdown of account number milestones. It also helps me gauge where I was in the great scheme of things.

    I'm surprised at the long tail for 4000-5000, though. I was a long-time (though periodic) anonymous reader at /., and remember the beta days and the boycott. I clearly hadn't been reading much there in the post-boycott days, I'd probably drifted away temporarily due to the lack of content. Sometime later, it was a member here that was still posting over there, signposting people over to the promised land, that brought me here.

    I knew that I'd missed the initial startup of things, but I had no recollection that there was over a year between that boycott and me finding the arrow pointing over here.* I'm wondering how many earlier opportunities to learn of this site I'd ended up missing. On reflection, 2014-2015 was pretty busy for me between work and personal life, so there was ample opportunity for distraction.

    *I wonder if said person was posting signposts on the anniversary of the boycott? Janrinok, was there a jump in account creation around February 2015, perchance?

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  • (Score: 2) by janrinok on Sunday December 18 2022, @12:43PM (1 child)

    by janrinok (52) Subscriber Badge on Sunday December 18 2022, @12:43PM (#1282992) Journal

    Give me a while to sort through the data please. I am working on some different analysis at the moment.

    • (Score: 2) by kazzie on Monday December 19 2022, @08:53PM

      by kazzie (5309) Subscriber Badge on Monday December 19 2022, @08:53PM (#1283220)

      By all means. Thanks for the analysis that's already come, too.