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  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Sunday January 08 2023, @09:17AM (2 children)

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday January 08 2023, @09:17AM (#1285802)

    Let me get this straight:

    Aristarchus posted a comment in reply to Runaway, which contained what appears to be Runaway's real name. Runaway has indicated which county he lives in,

    So, you took one piece of info from a reply to Runaway1956, and another from Runaway his own self, and you doxxed the poor bastard dead to rights? You think if it was that easy, anyone could do it, like even a House Republican. And this is a crime, how? Since you have evidently committed it. And you didn't even share!

  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Sunday January 08 2023, @09:53AM (1 child)

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday January 08 2023, @09:53AM (#1285806)

    Holy shit, I didn't realize you were this stupid.

    The issue isn't that I looked up the identity of the person aristarchus purports is Runaway. There's nothing illegal about a public records search. I haven't posted any laws because I haven't posted anyone's personal information, let alone inciting harassment against them.

    However, Runaway's name is not readily determined from his comments. Aristarchus went to some lengths to obtain that information. Moreover, instead of merely searching for the information, aristarchus chose to post it publicly. Aristarchus' intent is to incite harassment of the individual whom he believes is Runaway. The name of this individual would not have been known to me except that aristarchus chose to post it publicly in a comment under the aristarchus username, posted it a few times as an anonymous coward, and even created a sock puppet with the name. Again, this information would not have been available to be if aristarchus had not posted it publicly to see.

    If anyone finds out who is behind the aristarchus account and turns the information over to law enforcement, aristarchus may well be looking at some serious prison time for harassment, threats, and attempts to incite violence. I don't believe your excuses, and you can bet the police won't, either.

    • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Sunday January 08 2023, @10:50AM

      by Anonymous Coward on Sunday January 08 2023, @10:50AM (#1285808)

      Local police, FBI, and other law enforcement would not care about generic online harassment and indistinct threats, even if they had all the evidence in the world and the perpetrators' identities handed to them. The bar for prosecuting these things is high because of the First Amendment, and they have bigger fish to fry. Throw in true threats or swattings and they might start to care.

      This is for the communities themselves to take care of, and SN has. Sort of. aristarchus is still using the site every day like the boring troll he is.