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  • (Score: -1, Redundant) by FatPhil Throwaway Account on Wednesday April 05 2023, @05:16AM

    by FatPhil Throwaway Account (27532) on Wednesday April 05 2023, @05:16AM (#1299838) Journal

    I am coming clean. I was a staff member. I posted the information at [] that exposed janrinok's lies. I haven't posted from my FatPhil account since October. I'm not a staff member any longer. I've had enough of janrinok's lies. The September 10, 2022 email is 100% real. We all know that janrinok lied. We all know he framed aristarchus to protect Runaway. I expect janrinok will ban me for telling the truth. It will be just like his censorship of aristarchus.

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