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posted by LaminatorX on Sunday March 09 2014, @07:01AM   Printer-friendly
from the weakest-link dept.

regift_of_the_gods writes:

"The makers of Nutshell CRM, a web-based service for managing sales leads and workflow (screenshots here), have notified their customers that they will no longer able to populate profiles with data from Linkedin accounts, after Linkedin informed Nutshell that it was violating the developer API's terms of use over a year and half after Nutshell first announced the feature. It's hard to argue that Nutshell's Linkedin integration feature does not violate the Linkedin Developer API Terms of Service (specifically section C: 'If your application falls into one or more of the following categories, you are required to be part of one of our Partner Programs and have a signed agreement with LinkedIn... applications used for hiring, marketing, or sales...').

However, Nutshell's CEO says Linkedin representatives also informed him they weren't accepting applications for their Partner Program from CRM vendors at this time, leaving Salesforce and Microsoft (Dynamics) as Linkedin's sole partners in that space. Also, the TOS page notes it was last revised in August 2013; it's not immediately clear whether this clause was in place when Nutshell first announced Linkedin integration in May 2012. The CEO of Zartis, which runs a web service for tracking applicants, blogged his layman's interpretation of Linkedin's Developer API TOS sometime in 2013; his post makes no mention of a prohibition for sales or marketing."

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  • (Score: -1) by MichaelDavidCrawford on Sunday March 09 2014, @10:14AM

    by MichaelDavidCrawford (2339) Subscriber Badge <> on Sunday March 09 2014, @10:14AM (#13518) Homepage Journal


    It's completely cool to be a monopoly provided you do not use your status as a monopoly to violate any laws.

    That is, had Bill Gates &co not been caught red-handed by "$ grep netscape /var/spool/mail/billg" exhorting his colleagues to "cut off their air supply, Judge Jackson could not possibly have ordered Microsoft's breakup.

    That would have actually happened - much as AT&T was broken up into all the Baby Bells, with today's AT&T being one of many telephony providers - had Microsoft not convinced an appellate court that Jackson was biased against him. There would have been, say "Microsoft Windows" to this day, but also "Redmond Office", "Puget Sound XBox One" as well as "Seattle's Best Software" and last but not least "Billy G. and Associates" for Microsoft's consulting division.

    "IFF" - mathematician lingo for "If And Only If" Nutshell sues LinkedIn in Federal Court, and can demonstrate that LinkedIn is a monopoly, then Nutshell could argue that LinkedIn used its monopolistic control of job placement, consulting leads and so on, to force Nutshell out in hopes LinkedIn - NOT Salesforce nor Microsoft - somehow benefiting, say by ceasing the free LinkedIn accounts but forcing all LinkedIn members to pay - one can pay now for increased functionality but it's not actually required.

    Extra credit would be for discovery or deposition to show - under oath that either or both of Salesforce or Microsoft paid LinkedIn to keep their status while at the same time giving Nutshell the boot.

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  • (Score: 2) by Desler on Sunday March 09 2014, @03:34PM

    by Desler (880) on Sunday March 09 2014, @03:34PM (#13571)

    WTF is this stupidity? LinkedIn is not forced to share it's data with everyone. That is not a monopoly.