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  • (Score: 2) by looorg on Monday October 02 2023, @11:19AM (1 child)

    by looorg (578) on Monday October 02 2023, @11:19AM (#1326695)

    I'll join the C64 party. It's not entirely true, but close enough. I think the first computer I ever used was some little kit machine, then it was a ZX80/81. But none of them where mine and I wouldn't say I used them very much, due to age and well they being kind of crap. The C64 was the first machine that was mine. But then as far as OS go it was nothing much. So perhaps I should have gone with the Amiga as that in some regard had more of an OS that we would still recognize as such today. For most I guess the C64 was just two lines of text and a ready prompt with a blinking cursor that they used to launch their games. It was to me to at the time, it just grew to so much more somewhat later.

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  • (Score: 2) by istartedi on Monday October 02 2023, @11:57PM

    by istartedi (123) on Monday October 02 2023, @11:57PM (#1326846) Journal

    I consider the C-64 the first machine I truly used also, even though I was briefly stuck with a TI 99/4A. It was a gift, not of my choosing. That locked down PoS set me back at least a year. There was no way to save programs without costly upgrades, and the low-level PEEK and POKE available on common 8-bit systems of the era was hidden from the user.

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