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  • (Score: 2) by hendrikboom on Wednesday October 11 2023, @02:08PM

    by hendrikboom (1125) Subscriber Badge on Wednesday October 11 2023, @02:08PM (#1328352) Homepage Journal

    A programming language/OS running on a Bendx G15-D. It was given to my university in 1957.

    It consisted of an interpreter for something that looked like today's machine languages. Yes, machine languages, not assembler. The machine didn't have what we now consider to have alphabetic I/O. Just hexadecimal, using uvwxyz instead of abcdef. It was given to my university in 1957.

    The computer's main memory was on a magnetic drum. It had nothing like today's RAM. The contents of the magnetic drum were volatile, and had to be reloaded from paper tape whenever the power went out.

    The computer did have an actual machine language, which resembled microcode. I never managed to write any working microcode, but I did get some Intercom 1000 programs to work. It baffles me what they used for writing and debugging the microcode implementation of Intercom 1000.

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