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posted by mattie_p on Monday March 10 2014, @07:47PM   Printer-friendly
from the always-backup-your-website dept.

Update: The staff is in conversation with the buyer right now. More to follow, but at this point it looks to be a benevolent benefactor from the community. More to follow as we get it.

SoylentNews community:

As you know, there is not a lot of information available right now. Barrabas reports that he has sold the and associated domain names, and successfully transferred them, but neither the buyer's name nor the terms of that sale have been disclosed. As spokesperson for the staff of the site during this time, we would like everyone to know the following:

Our current backup plan is to revert to the where the site is actually hosted. If we need to go there for any reason, we will try to notify the site in advance. If it has to go down or we are forced down, we'll be there. We will rebuild the database with some downtime and work from there.

We will send out a mass email to all users from the database informing them of this step should we need to do so.

We do not plan to implement this yet. We (the staff) did not advocate the buyout, but will try and work with the buyer if possible. We do not know the terms on which the domain name was sold.

We the staff will still operate the site, in its current condition on linode, until the community can vote on a new name. Depending on the buyer, we hope we can consider keeping the name the same as an option.

Until we know more information, we would like everyone to remain calm, collected, and civil, while we sort through these issues. Thank you


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  • (Score: 3, Interesting) by Horse With Stripes on Monday March 10 2014, @07:52PM

    by Horse With Stripes (577) on Monday March 10 2014, @07:52PM (#14208)
    I'm willing to donate cash, but only to move forward with a different name. I hate to think my first post on this site is to express my disappointment as to all this has played out. I wouldn't want the good intentions of this /. exodus to be held hostage due to what began as differences in managerial styles. We're far too young to be entrenched with the Soylent name.
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  • (Score: 5, Insightful) by Random2 on Monday March 10 2014, @08:09PM

    by Random2 (669) on Monday March 10 2014, @08:09PM (#14230)

    While I agree about disappointment in how this has played out on all sides (but thanks for keeping us informed), I'm hesitant about the name change.

    Soylent's young, people are still learning about it. What we need now is some stability so things can continue to grow. That comes with keeping the name and giving the time for it to spread; changing now greatly risks upsetting the momentum that SN's built.

    As an example, I almost missed joining SN completely. I was passively following Altslash during the boycott and didn't notice when the site changed names. Boy was I confused for a few days, luckily noticing a post on 'the other site' linking the two together. Changing names now would be like that all over again, but with 3 names instead of 2.

    If we're forced to change names because of legal dickery then that's what we'll have to do, but ideally we should strive to let things settle and grow with what we have now.

    If only I registered 3 users earlier....
    • (Score: 2, Insightful) by Taco Cowboy on Tuesday March 11 2014, @11:48AM

      by Taco Cowboy (3489) on Tuesday March 11 2014, @11:48AM (#14583)

      I remember watching that movie several decades ago, and although this site is young, perusing the namesake of some really old movies only adds to the baggage of the site.

      If it's possible get a name that can better reflect the collective geekiness of the community.

      Slashdot became the "in" thing for many of us older geeks partly because it's '/.' - something odd enough for the world but comfortable enough for us geeks.

    • (Score: 1) by blackest_k on Tuesday March 11 2014, @12:53PM

      by blackest_k (2045) on Tuesday March 11 2014, @12:53PM (#14607)

      A name change is much less of a problem if you can redirect from the current name and in that you have some continuity and nobody finds(?) the site gone. Doing a runner or a midnight flit is something else entirely.