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posted by LaminatorX on Tuesday March 11 2014, @03:16AM   Printer-friendly
from the Azure-waves-of-pain dept.

skullz writes:

"From engadget: A closer look at Titanfall's not-so-secret weapon: Microsoft's cloud

While you were busy running along walls and throwing missiles back at your opponents during the Titanfall beta, countless data centers across the world were making sure that each AI-controlled Titan bodyguard had your back. Much of the frenetic action in Respawn Entertainment's debut game rests on one thing: Microsoft's Azure cloud infrastructure.

Up until last November, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's baby was mostly used for business applications, like virtualization and acting as an enterprise-level email host. With the Xbox One, though, the company opened up its global server farms to game developers, giving them access to more computing power than could reasonably be stuffed into a $500 game console. Since the Xbox One's debut, Microsoft has been crowing about how Azure would let designers create gaming experiences players have never seen before. Now it's time for the product to speak for itself."

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  • (Score: 2) by Boxzy on Tuesday March 11 2014, @08:35PM

    by Boxzy (742) on Tuesday March 11 2014, @08:35PM (#14830) Journal

    Do these software writers forget that Gaming (capital G)is a cultural artifact and therefore deserving of preservation? During my lifetime there has been a vast number of arguments back and forth regarding video games and 'is it art?'

    I still play Frontier: Elite II over two decades since its release and using the same savegame.

    I have access to tens of thousands of such cultural artifacts from yesteryear, seems this generation of programmers are happy to lose their hard work the instant the servers are turned off.

    It's sad really, I always thought it would take copyrights, laws, save the children and locking down of hardware to kill off Gaming, but no, the industry itself is committing suicide one useless disc, one annoyed Gamer and one forgotten game at a time.

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